April 14, 2011

A pox on the phony king of England...I mean the flu...

Thanks for all your well wishes as I waged a legendary battle with the flu. I still sound like I'm chain smoking 20 packs a day, but I'm feeling much better. Hopefully I'll be back on my A-game by the weekend :)

The Make Mine Modern swap deadline is tomorrow, and even though I was stricken down by the plague this week, I would have felt terrible using that as an excuse when I had 3 whole months to get everything done. So as a matter of principal, I couldn't let the flu beat me! And you'll be happy to know that I prevailed!

Kaelin: 1, Flu: 0.

Aside from getting awesome stuff in the mail, one of the perks of being in all these swaps is that it's made me notice something about myself...that I work best under pressure. I've yet to miss a swap deadline, even though I'm always chasing down the final mailing date like Seabiscuit. And I know some of you are probably thinking my habits are going to bite me in the butt one day...and they might...but I'm not worried :) I think I always manage to pull it off because I don't really wait until the last minute...I honestly carry around my project ideas in my brain (or my sketchbook) for several weeks. I'll get an idea, think about it, search my partner's photostream some more, and then let my revisions/new ideas marinate for a bit longer. Sometimes I delay because I'm still in that stage, and sometimes I delay (truth be told) because I'd rather sit on my keister and watch Man v. Food/Pawn Stars/random documentaries on Netflix with the hubby. Hey, I'm only human :)

Here are some a lot of photos of my partner's freshly completed package :)

You'll recognized this one...

I used a variegated thread for the first time! It's a yellow one from Sulky.

You won't recognize these...

Notice anything new? There's a coffee coozie, some Greenfield Hill fat quarters, and a yummy linen tote just begging to be filled with delicious fruits and veggies at a farmer's market :)

Look at the wee shoppers buying flowers! How could this not tempt you to visit your local farmers market?!

It's lined with a cute dot print from Amy Butler's Love collection, and includes a small linen-lined zipper pocket.

I also made an insulated coozie for my partner to wrap around her beloved coffee. I used one of the Parisville Fan prints for the letters (which read "FUEL", hehe!), and it also lines the back.

None of my nice, staged pictures turned out very well, so I wrapped this around my Chai Tea this afternoon. It was on there for all of 30 seconds, so no worries partner, you're still receiving one clean, unused item :)

I'm really excited about this package, and hopefully my partner feels the same way when she opens it! Since I made her wait so patiently, I'll be sending it Priority tomorrow to speed its arrival up a bit :)


What a lucky partner!!! Everything you made is just awesome! The linen tote bag is just so fun and makes me dream of summer at the farmer's market (if we ever get a summer here in rainy, windy Washington!)and the embroidery is so cute. I love the FUEL coffee cozy! Your whole package just screams summer!!

Your partner is bound to be 'chuffed'!

Love it! All of it! I need to join one of these swaps next time! Ahhh I can't wait to get set up in my new house. I think I've said that 5 million times all over the web.

Beautiful work! everything is great. You've got a lucky partner.

Wow!! You're partner is one lucky lady! Absolutely beautiful. Love the girl buying flowers in the fabric print. Also so cool how you put so much thought into it. Great, great job!! Seriously envious!

I'm so sorry you've been sick...but what beautiful stuff!!

That's a completely amazing package. Your partner will be so spoiled!

So sorry about the illness, we had it hit hard here week before last :o( You have one VERY lucky partner!!!!! I especially adore the HR market bag!!!

Congrats on the win! The flu stinks! :) Your package for your partner is amazing :)!!! She will just adore it! Hope each day feels a little better--

I can't believe you did this while you were sick! Way to go!!! Get some rest now.

Way to show that flu who's boss! Love your partner's sweet package - she's lucky!! And wow, that is one huge chai latte.

I can't imagine any one not being excited to receive that package.
Hope you feel better soon

what a great package, your partner is lucky! the tote is just adorable!

hope you are feeling better!

This is some swap! It must have cost you a small fortune to send it, your partner is very very very lucky! Everything looks great, I know I would be thrilled to receive such wonderful goodies!

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