April 3, 2011

Quick Question

I've been thinking about this for a while, but since I'm about to finish up the last of my swap commitments and I won't be signing up for any more this summer, I've been considering the idea more seriously. Around this time last year, I began working on my first Double Wedding Ring quilt. Problem was, I'd only been quilting for 3 years, I was completely self-taught, and I didn't know anyone that could show me how to piece a DWR quilt (and honestly, if I'd found such a person, I probably wouldn't have wanted to take lessons from them anyway...because they would have whacked me with a yardstick every time I didn't sew a perfect seam...lol!) The pattern I used was seriously lacking in instructions when it came to piecing the curves, and I couldn't find any pictures or videos online showing how to piece the melons of a DWR quilt...which was terribly frustrating for me, because I'm a heavily visual learner.

So, my question is...would you all be interested in a Double Wedding Ring Tutorial? Let's take that one step further...would you all be interested in a Double Wedding Ring Quilt-Along?

DON'T BE SCARED! Why not? Because once you get the hang of it, it's not nearly as awful as it seems. It's kind of like riding a bicycle. You'll fall down and scrape your knee (curse and scream in a fit of rage as you rip out your fifth seam in a row). But once you get over your fears and the technique finally "clicks" in your brain, you'll gain confidence and ride off into the quilting sunset. Yes, it does require accuracy. Yes, it does require a lot of cutting and piecing. But the pattern is GORGEOUS. And if you use paper piecing, the cutting and accuracy requirements are taken down to a very manageable level. For the pattern I used, all I had to do was cut a bunch of 2" x 3" blocks, paper piece, and then trim the seams to the right size. Easy as pie. And the best part is, I've already figured out the worst parts for you!

Another good point is, who says you have to make an entire quilt using the technique? You could just make one row of four blocks and have a gorgeous runner for your dining table. And if you ever want to attempt an entire quilt 1 or 5 or 10 years down the road, you know how to do it! And you know you can do it because you have already! C'mon readers. Grab some gumption and let's make us some gorgeous DWR quilts in beautiful, bright colors!

Mull it over, and leave a comment on this post telling me if either of the above options are appealing to you.


YES!!! PLEASE!!! This would be a great idea for a tutorial!! I wouldn't be able to join the quilt along because I dont have money for it but I would love to use it for further reference!

I have always wanted to make this quilt but unsure of my skills. Also I would have to go s-l-o-w in order to do it.

yes please - I have been humming and haaing about making one for ages, but I'm more than a little nervous!

Maybe you could team up with Grey cat quilts. She is doing a qal for double weddding rings and I think that your tutorial will be much appreaciated there! She just started with cutting instructions today :)

yes!! Don't know how to paper piece and have been wanting to learn that technique as well!!

Oh I would love a quilt along...I also have wanted to make this quilt but it looks very imtimidating to me....

It's funny that you suggest making a runner, since one of my projects currently cut and waiting to be stitched is a DWR table runner! Great minds think alike!

DO IT!!! I'm in. I already have the fabric ready to go, and I was going to do one on my own .. but it's always better when you do it with someone else.

I'd be interested! Did you say you were going to do it this summer?

I'd be up for that, Kaelin! I am just about to begin a "liberated wedding ring" quilt, because friends are getting married next month and I knew I couldn't tackle a full DWR quilt by then....

Yes please, Kaelin!!! The DWR is the first quilt pattern I ever fell in love with, back when I was a kid, and I've always wanted to make one....

YES! YES!!! YES!!!! I just blogged about needing help on my own double wedding ring. I have four pitiful rings right now, using the same tutorial you used. My arcs are good, since they have been paper pieced. Everything else is a mess. HELP!

A little scary, but yes, please!

I'd probably join in, but make a pillow or table runner. I'm def interested in learning new techniques from someone who's experienced in it! I'd probably have to go slowly but I'd do it. :) lovely idea!

This sounds a little scary but I would love to try! I love the look of the dwr but it just seemed wayyyyy out of my league! If you post it I will try! LOL!

I've always admired this pattern. I would like to start by making a table runner. I didn't think I had enough coordinated scraps for this, but you say you used 2 X 3" pieces. I could cut 4 of these from a charm square.

Oh my goodness yes!! Your DWR is one of my favorite quilts!

YES YES YES! I've always wanted to try it and what better way than to learn from a friend who is too far away to whack me with a yard stick!

I have really wanted to try one but boy it is scary!

Yes a quilt along would be great....I love to paper piece and have been wanting to make one of these for a while now....

YES! I love, love, love the DWR but I'm super intimidated to try.

Oh yes. The DWR is my goal quilt. I just started quilting last year, and when I'm confident I want to make a DWR for my bed. I'm a little too busy to focus on it right this minute, but I would return and follow along eventually!

Kaelin, you quilt is one of my favorites so a tutorial would be awesome. I love the pattern and have always been afraid to try it. I can't wait to get started.

I'm in!


I'd love a tutorial. I'm hoping to do a table topper for my brother's wedding gift... maybe if I get organized (and my current 3 projects completed)

I just bought the package and it's been a sitting. . I would love to have something to actually get it out of the package.

YES!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! That would be amazing!!!!!!

I'm in. I've also wanted to learn paper piecing and I think this would be a kinder introduction to it than some of the blocks. I'd love to do a QAL for this :)

I'm in! I started a DWR a bazillion years ago and would love to try again! And I love how a quilt along keeps me on track.

I am scared but I think it would be a great resource to have. I'll be making a wedding quilt soon and haven't decided what yet.

I don't know if I have time to add another quilting progect to my list... but what the heck! Count me in! I would love to learn this technique! I would enjoy doing it as a quilt along. May suggest that you either provide a link to where we can get the paperpiecing paterns or a tutorial to help us along?

Hmm. A quilt a long sounds intriguing.....but I have to figure out what/who to make it for to justify adding another project in front of projects that are already bought for and oh so patiently waiting in my cupboard....

Please do!! My sister is getting married and I'd love to be able to give her this as a gift!

I would love to make one of these. I probably wouldn't be able to join real time, but I would definitely do it at some point.

Yes! I would love to try a DWR quilt! I am totally scared but love them!

YES!!!! I would love a QAL - I have wanted to make one of these, but would love the inspiration and motivation of others doing it alongside me!

Diddo! I'd give it a try! I've loved the DWR design, but have been too intimidated to try by myselt (self-taught as well!) It would be great to have someone walk us through it with a QAL!!!

YES! I've been considering trying the DWR design but have been too chicken to start (well... and busy, but what's one more right??)

Yes, please. I'm challenging myself to try this. I need all the help I can get!

I just signed up last weekend for a paper pieced wedding ring table runner at my LQS to learn this and curved binding (for the runner). I will totally follow along with you too to see the differences in techniques! What a great idea!

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