April 15, 2011

Scottie Watch

Scottie Watch

1.  Here's a fun little tip. Whenever you go into a chain fabric store like Joann's or Hancock Fabrics, make a sweep by the fat quarter bundles and individually rolled fat quarters. I've found all kinds of designer fabrics from lines like like Wild Thyme by Carolyn Gavin, Red Letter Day by Lizzy House, and West Hill by Heather Ross mixed in there.

2. The online quilting world has been abuzz with this news all week, but Denyse Schmidt released a new fabric line this week through Fabric Traditions. Instead of being sold in independent quilt shops, it's being carried by JoAnn's! My local store only carried 5 of the 21 prints in the collection, but if you click here you can see swatches of all the prints and grab the item numbers in case you want to call and pay to have certain prints shipped to your local store :)

3. I know this isn't nearly as exciting to you as it is to me, but Ann Kelle's newest incarnation of the Urban Zoologie line will have SCOTTIE PRINTS!!! GAHHH!!!!! Sir Whiskers shall have such a lovely new red, white and black Scottie-themed bed to lounge on come Fall!

Photo by Ann Kelle

Photo by Ann Kelle

4. Did you know you can fill out customs forms for international shipping online? I hate filling out the ones at the post office and having to mash my pen on the carbon copies like the Hulk, so I complete the form online, print it on a full page-size label, cut, and stick it directly to my package. Easy as pie :) But make sure you bring in the other part of the form that prints out (the part you don't stick to your package), because the post office needs it for their "records".

5. Aren't these sewing pins the cutest? I'm a sucker for anything strawberry related :)

6. Wondrous Woven Fabrics has all their Innocent Crush fabrics 30% off through April 18th. Enter the code 8great2 to receive the discount (and even better, they cut by the fat quarter!).


I love the strawberry pins too!

Wow, I didn't know that about the FQ's at Joann's...I will have to pay more attention (I usually don't even look because I thought it was all crap). Cool on the Scottie fabrics!

I've found lots of designer fabrics in the fqs at Joanns where I live...you can even use the 40/50% off coupon on them if they aren't on sale!

I love the scottie fabric- it's too cute :)! And the bird houses are stinkin' cute too! I am soooo loving the customs form- you rock! thanks! and gotta check out the fq at Joanns from now on ;)

I found that out about fat quarters by accident last fall when I made a Halloween decoration... then looked up the cute prints and discovered they could be found "only" in independent quilt shops! It makes me wonder how the FQ's end up in JoAnn's... not complaining, though- especially since they're usually the cheaper FQ's!

OMG that scottie fabric is awesome, the whole line is super cute. I wish I could find some Jack Russell Terrier prints. Especially if the dog had a black spot on his back and one brown eye!
One of mug rugs I got in a recent swap has just the tiniest little triangle of scotties. I love that print.
Make sure when you fill out your forms that you include the suite number if applicable. I have had a fabric order returned to the store because although I provided the full address, they did not put that on there. Very upsetting. That and the fact that they are demanding I pay for the shipping again when it was their error, but thats another story.
Those pins are adorable.

The Urban Zoologie line is adorable! I bet my Katie-dog wouldn't mind a quilt with red & white & black scotties on it. I know I wouldn't. ;)

I always scour the FQ bundles at my joanns and it always cruddy fabrics :( maybe someday I'll get lucky though!

Love the scottie prints from Anne! I think mini-stockings may be in order for the girls in our dance studio (it's a Scottish highland dance studio, so the scotties are quite appropriate!)

The first time I saw the scotties on Laura Wishburn's new line, I thought of you!

Thanks for the shout out to my sale!
Cathy--from Wondrous..

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