April 22, 2011

Scottie Watch

Scottie Watch

I'm going to be taking a short break from blogging. We close on our house a week from today, and we haven't packed a single thing! Hopefully everything will go smoothly with the closing and frantic move (we'll only have 2 days to vacate our apartment before the lease expires - yikes!) I'll be back on June 1st with some things I've been working on and photos of our new house. Your prayers would be much appreciated :)

1. I've always wanted to make a coin purse with one of those fancy snap-closure metal frames, but it's always seemed so scary! I was paired with a really awesome partner for the Pretty Little Pouch swap, so I decided to go for it. I found a couple of really good tutorials here and here, so I think you all should try it with me! Here's the frame I ordered from Purl Soho - SO excited! I'm going to pair it with a navy blue stripe and line it with the yellow apple fabric. I also ordered a couple of cheap $2 frames on Etsy so I can practice before I attempt anything with my nice, expensive frame, lol! I'm really terrifyied of screwing that one up!

Pretty {little} Pouch Swap Mockup

2. If you don't live near a Joann's and would like to participate in the DS Quilt frenzy, they now have online ordering available. The easiest way to pull the collection up is to do a Search using "Denyse Schmidt" or "DS Quilt" as your keywords. Either one will work :)

I will warn you that there are a couple cons to online ordering, because you can only purchase the prints in full yard increments, and you can only use one coupon per purchase. I ordered a few prints online, but there really aren't many prints from the line that I'll need more than 1/4 or 1/2 yard of, and our local Joann's only received 5 of the 21 prints (and that's all they're getting). To make things more cost effective, you might consider pairing up with a couple local/online quilting friends and splitting the yards into FQ bundles :)

Angela and I had a meeting of the minds last week, and what we decided to do is special order the prints we really wanted. We sat down, chose the prints from the collection that we really wanted, and this past Wed. we met up and special ordered 3 bolts and split the cost. If you have a Joann's within driving distance, that's what I'd recommend, because you can use your 50% off coupons! We ended up paying $65 each for 24 yards of fabric (we're splitting 3 bolts with 8 yards to each bolt). You can't beat $5/yard for premium quilting cotton! At first 4 yards of each print seemed like a lot, but it will be perfect for quilt backs, curtains and other large projects. And honestly, I always find myself trying to buy up yardage of Denyse's more basic prints months/years after the lines come out, which is difficult to do (and more expensive!). This time I'm biting the bullet and buying up yards of the tiles and dots.

3. Jessica Jones' newest fabric line Outside Oslo is now available! I love her past lines and ribbons, but feel they're underrated. She's really talented, so you should check out her website if you get a chance - I've found a TON of adorable free patterns and crafts on there. (...and I promise she didn't tell me to say that, because I've never spoken with her and she has no idea who I am!)

4. Suzie Q Quilts has a ton of older lines like Chocolate Lollipop, Garden Party, Bijoux, Fresh Cut, Pop Garden and Nicey Jane for $4-$5 per yard!

5. I've found a new obsession for collecting all of my quilting ideas! Instead of using Big Huge Labs mosaics or Flickr Galleries, I just signed up on Pinterest (thanks Sheila!) and I'm incredibly excited.You can create all kinds of different "pin boards" and easily add photos as you're browsing around on the internet. If you just go and sign up, I think there's a waitlist, but if you know someone that already has an account, they can send you a link to sign up immediately.

6. Cutest gift wrapping idea ever. I'm going to wrap my next swap package like this! Here are some easy instructions on how to make the yarn pom poms.

7. This quilt is seriously awesome. Here is the page for all the quilt-along posts.

Mod Mood Quilt ~ Get Your Curve On
photo by daintytime on Flickr


Congratulations on the moving! ::gasp:: that quilt is so awesome...makes me want to work with solids!

Good luck with the move!

Love all the tips, and I'm soooo excited for the move for you!! Have a good few weeks! We'll wait patiently for you to return :) And I'll be following on Pinterest- it's soooo fun :)

stop feeding my fabric obsession! That Jessica Jones fabric is FABULOUS!

Oh and I love that quilt...I've looked at that before, but I'm a little concerned about what my quilt would turn out like because it is supposed to reflect your mood.

good luck with the move. We've been doing the opposite and slowly moving for about 2 months now. I'm totally sick of it and wish we had just bit the bullet and moved in a day or two like you are. It will be like ripping off a bandaid! And thanks for all the great fabric tips. Love what you are doing for the pouch swap!

We just went through the whole buying a house and everything that comes with it. I will be praying for you, that everything goes smoothly and no STRESS comes your way.

All the best for a smooth move and enjoy settling in at your new place.

REALLY, Jue 1st!? I can't wait that long...

This is an AWESOME collection of info :-) I am also obsessed with those little coin purses....was too cheap to cough up the cash to Purl Soho so I found some that look similar on etsy that are from Hong Kong, so we will see how they look when they arrive. I am sure your partner will love it.
That daintytime quilt is amazing!

Good luck with your move!
Good tip on the JoAnn's fabric...unfortunately they don't ship up to Canada :(

Oh what's the link to your pinterest? mine's here if you want to check it out. http://pinterest.com/emedoodle/

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