April 20, 2011

That's How We Roll

Angela and I are pretty much huge nerds. She's a math nerd, and I was a Psych major/Latin minor kinda nerd. Example: When I attended mass with my Catholic friend at Easter one year (we were roomies my semester in Philadelphia and I'd never been to a Roman Catholic service before), I sat there translating the Latin carved onto the walls before the service. So yeah....unprecedented levels of nerdery there.

So anywho...while we were at Joann's today special ordering some bolts of fabric (from the DS Quilts line - woot woot!), we decided to look for the magazine with our patterns while standing in line to pay. The magazine rack is the dividing partition between the line and the registers, so that made things pretty easy. And guess what?! It was there! A magazine with our patterns is being sold in our local Joann Fabrics! How stinking cool is that? Well, we thought it was exciting enough to take cheesy pictures :)

Here's Angela mugging for my camera phone...

Angela with Magazine!

And here's me...

Me with Magazine!

Unfortunately, I failed to get a picture of Favorite Baby sitting in the shopping cart. "Favorite Baby" is my name for Angela's little girl...well...because she's my favorite baby! Pretty self explanatory :) That's how I always greet her when I walk in their door...."hello favorite baby!"...and then she'll give me that million dollar smile that makes me wanna become a crazed baby snatcher and run out the door! So stinking cute...I'm really going to miss them when they move back up to Indiana :(  *deep sigh, slow rolling tear*


Too cool! I'd be snapping photos, too!

Just a couple things - first (because we're all thinking it) do all Joann's look exactly the same?

Second, how freaking cute are you guys?

Third, it's so awesome that you guys were both in the same magazine! I need to go find a copy of it ASAP so I can tell everyone I've had you both as swap partners! :)

So cool! Did you run around the store telling everyone that those were your patterns? If not, you totally should have :-)

That is way awesome that they're selling "your" magazine at JoAnn's! I will have to look for it next time I'm there.

I was a Latin nerd in high school, way back in the ancient times! The class just happened to fall during the time to say the Pledge of Allegiance, so we said it in Latin. All 4 years....best time was the ONE day we had a substitute teacher (who was only used to grade 3 & 4 kids) ~ you should have SEEN the look on her face as she said "I pledge...." and WE said "Ego vexillo unitorum..."!!!! Made. Of. Awesome!

love it Kaelin! Favorite baby is totally going to miss you too. But you're going to be there for her first Disney experience! So it's all good. ;) And I'll still call you over my fabric shopping moral dilemmas!

Oh and for the record, I too was a Latin Nerd in High school. I took four years and we had to say the Our Father in Latin at the beginning of every class.

Soooo glad y'all ordered that! I went by today and there were only two bolts & they weren't my faves. Sigh. Will they get them in soon?

That is definitely exciting! How cool. Congratulations.

How awesome. I'be be taking pictures too and maybe signing a few autographs! LOL!!

I would have done the same. That's so awesome!

Yay yay yay, congrats again! I feel like I will miss her too, even though I know things will probably be the same for me as I have never met her in real life. LOL

You can always come visit me in Houston :)

Un-huh! I would so be giggling and asking everyone around how awesome the crafts are!! :) You guys rock!! Gonna have to go check it out at my Joanns now :) How cool!!

well we Hoosiers will be happy to welcome her to Indiana!!

Hehe...how fun! I would have been totally excited!

I studied Latin in high school and college too. You are not alone in your nerdiness. ;0)

I looked at my JoAnn's and they didn't have your magazine. I'll check another one for it now that I know some of them have it! I would've made sure to talk really loudly as I was reading the magazine then look around & see if I caught anybody's attention and if yes, then quickly make eye contact and start telling them that my pattern was published & they are in the presence of a star! ;) Congrats again on that!

I cannot imagine how you kept from running around the store, showing everyone your pattern!!! Too exciting to think about. Congrats :-)

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