May 18, 2011

Blogger's Quilt Festival

Finished Rain or Shine Quilt!

Remember when Amy's Creative Side had a Quilt Festival this past Fall to coincide with Market? Well they're doing it again for Spring Market! This time I've chosen my most recent quilt, the one I made using Elizabeth Hartman's Rain or Shine pattern.

I chose this quilt because it's a bit of a milestone for me - it's the first quilt I've ever made specifically for myself. Heck, it's one of the only things I've ever sewn for myself. Quilts, bags, purses...practically everything I make is given away to other people. Angela and I were talking about this problem the other day. We quilters make all of our quilts for other people...which means we end up giving them all away...which means we rarely have a record of our work except for the photos we take. How sad is that? People come over all the time and ask to see my quilts since they know I'm passionate about it, but I never have anything to show them! Sorry folks, there aren't many quilts for you to snuggle under at my house - instead you'll have to make do with me forcing you to look at my Flickr photostream for hours on end, lol!

So you see, making this quilt was a big deal for me. For once, I put my foot down and devoted some of my creative energy to myself...yes, I actually quit putting one million other projects ahead of my own (which was a big deal for took a lot of me...because I loooove making presents for people!). Don't get me wrong...I love making quilts for other people and think it's an incredibly special way to celebrate their milestones in life :) If I didn't love it, I wouldn't do it. All I'm sayin' is that it's important to take a breather every now and then and make something for the sake of being creative, rather than for the sake of a deadline! I have to confess, it was really nice having the freedom to do whatever I wanted for a change. What's that you say? The seam is off a little bit? Who cares! It's for me! What now? The colors & prints are a little ostentatious? Who cares! I can wear it as a flashy cape like Liza Minnelli and sing show tunes in my living room if I want! Because it's for MEEEEeeee!

Want to taste a little bit of that sweet freedom with me? Then I hereby challenge you, my fellow quilters, to spend some time on yourself and make a quilt for your own snuggling pleasure!

Until then, let's bask in my quilt's over-the-top, peacocky splendor together - woo hoo!

Finished Rain or Shine Quilt! (back)

Finished Rain or Shine Quilt!

Finished Rain or Shine Quilt! (block 5)


Gorgeous Kaelin! Thanks for sharing!

I'm glad you kept this quilt for yourself. It's so colorful and cheerful and absolutely you! LOVE IT!

I adore this quilt :) I made a smaller version of this patter for a friend who's expecting her first baby and it was so fun. I just love your color choices, though. Really awesome!

I've been thinking about making this pattern. I love how yours turned out, and your centers are perfect! I'm not into the yo-yos in the pattern. This is much better. Love it!

Love the "peacockish" back--is that a kona color on the back? Love it!!!

I love your interpretation of this pattern. It's so cool that you're going to keep it.

What a beautiful quilt! I love your colors, and that's one of my favorite patterns from Elizabeth's book! Good for you for keeping one for yourself!

I just adore this quilt! your colour choices just make it sing!

Ah, this is my favorite. Ok I do have a lot of favorites but this one is really awesome! :) I need to read the instructions for that block... I've tried to wing it a couple times and my centers never work out right. Yours are nice and sharp!

Sing it, Liza! :) Hooray for a "me" project!

I love this quilt! The colors are great together!

I adore this quilt. I think it's the purple, which I am always in love with. I like your challenge and may have to take you up on it. Still deciding and designing what a 'me' quilt would look like :)
Beautifully written too :) you rock!

I love everything about this quilt!

I love the colors in the blocks and also the background you picked.

I love your colors! Hope you are enjoying having a quilt of your own.

So glad you did this quilt just for you. It is gorgeous.

It is a beautiful quilt!

this is so gorgeous. i love the colors

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