May 23, 2011

A Human Moment

Can I have a human moment and admit that I constantly overcommit myself? And that I'm more than a little bit terrible, because I was 4 months late giving my brother-in-law's girlfriend her birthday present? Yeah. I know. Four months is pretty bad...*sheepish grin*

I've known what I wanted to make her since her birthday in January, I just haven't had time to plop my keister down and do it. So, to make it up to her, I thought it only fitting her pillow should be the first thing I made in my new sewing room. She knows how much I sew, and I thought that declaration might earn me an extra brownie point or two, lol!

My Rain or Shine quilt is her designated "movie quilt" whenever she comes over, because she's a LSU alum and die-hard fan, and half of the things she owns are purple and yellow/gold. So of course, she needed something similar to take home with her :)

Rain or Shine Pillow

Rain or Shine Pillow

Rain or Shine Pillow

Rain or Shine Pillow

I used the fabrics from my favorite block in the quilt, and it's backed with the best polka dot print ever created - Echino in Grape.

P.S. Wanna hear about another human moment of mine? I sliced clean through my iPod headphones with a rotary cutter while I was working on this yesterday. I knew that dangling cord wasn't a good idea...


Gorgeous pillow! Sorry to hear about your ipod cord :(

love this cushion ... and I have so been there with the slicing my headphone cable tee hee x

Oops. Sounds like it's time for an iPod dock! :) I'm sure she'll love the pillow, even though it's late.

The pillow is fab, because of course, your rain or shine quilt is awesome and gorgeous! Good for you for getting in gear and finishing something on your list. I've taken a UFO pledge and also am committed to using my stash rather than buying more fabric.

I am also an LSU alumni, so I can def. appreciate the purple and gold. Geaux Tigers!


The pillow is lovely! I'm still working on a Christmas gift from last year, so you're certainly not alone.

And oh dear on the headphones! I've sliced through my thumb, but at least that mends itself! :) I agree with Ali, sounds like a good time for a dock.

the pillow is great! and those dang cords- shoot! hope today is better :)

Beautiful pillow! Too bad you had to sacrifice your iPod earphones!! Glad your new sewing room is in full swing!

Oh no!!! I just dropped my iphone in the (clean) toilet on Saturday lol... still kinda working though. Love the cushion :)

Lovely pillow! And I've thought about that hanging headphones cord before... especially since the Ipod I use is my husbands. lol. :) At least it was the cord and not your finger!

That pillow is a fabulous gift. And your iPod cord! Ouch!

Fabulous pillow! At least it was only the ipod cord you sliced, not a finger!

cute, cute pillow! sorry about the headphones!

My son just bought me a bluetooth head set for Mother's Day, because he knows me toooo well. They always say "there goes mom running with scissors again!"

Ekk! You are lucky that it is only your headphones! I like the pillow with the bright colors.

Regarding over committing, I think that I am just recovering. I just took a two month break from the blog world. There is always so much to see and do on here that I always feel like I am behind. I just finished a quilt for a baby due in February.

OOPS. Sorry about the Ipod cord. I still haven't finished my granddaughter's Christmas gift. The worst part is, the smocking was done BEFORE Christmas. Yes, I'm overcommitted.

Love the pillow! I've done that with my headphone cord too. Now I drop my mp3 player down the back of my shirt and stick it in a pocket so the cords are behind me and don't fall in front of me while I'm trying to work.

Great gift! I think all women understand about overcommitment!

ha ha -- you crack me up! I still haven't gotten my sister OR best friend birthday gifts...and they both have February birthdays -- ouch. I really need to do somethign about that...

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