May 11, 2011

Huzzah for presents!

Remember the pillow I made for my friend Dana as part of our annual craft swap? Well lookit what she sent me in return! She's taking a book-making class, and she made me a letterpress sketchbook for all my designs (fancy ribbon placeholder and all!). And she was even sweet enough to throw in some fancy-pants colored pencils....definitely better than the Crayolas I'm currently rockin! I heart you Dana-nator :)

Handmade letterpress book from Dana :)

The best part? It's lined with my favorite - houndstooth!
Handmade letterpress book from Dana :)

I wish you could feel how nice the paper is! Unfortunately, cameras can't capture that (yet)...maybe they will some day when we're living in Jetson houses and eating food capsules, lol
Handmade letterpress book from Dana :)

It's so lovely and fresh that I'm a little scared to mark in it. Maybe I'll be inspired to draw some fun new designs worthy of this book while I'm on the retreat this weekend :)


Beautiful! The houndstooth is great. Enjoy drawing!

Wow- just lovely! I'd be scared to draw in it too- but it will be even more beautiful filled with wonderful, creative ideas :)!! Enjoy every moment of inspiration!

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