May 9, 2011

If I were a handmade pouch...

...I'd look just like this!

Pouch from Kerry!

When I saw a photo of this pouch in the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap pool, I was blown away by Kerry's creativity. I actually commented on the photo that I always loved everything she made (which I literally do!), but that pouch was the final straw that made me wanna fly over to England and steal everything in her sewing room! Fortunately, there was no need to since it was already on it's way to me (which is very good news for Kerry, since someone had already offered to drive the getaway car!)

I honestly can't believe how well she pegged me - I'm fairly certain now she's a mind-reader. I'm being 100% honest when I say that she couldn't have made something I'd love more.  It's so much like me, that I'm sure if I'd lived in the Beast's castle back in the day and been transformed into a magical household item, it would have been this exact pouch (photographic evidence below).

My husband loved it too. He commented that if he could get away with carrying a patchwork man-purse, he'd either steal mine or demand I make him one, lol!

Here are some more photos of it's loveliness...

Pouch from Kerry!


Pouch from Kerry! (back)

Stuffed with more goodies!
Pouch from Kerry! (contents)

A precious panda measuring tape, puppy pin, handmade flower pin, precious fabric, and Vintage houndstooth scarves *swoon*
Pouch from Kerry! (contents)

Inside Pocket
Pouch from Kerry! (inside)

Adding to all my excitement, I finally received my fabric from Japan today! I'm going to put my partner's pouch together this weekend at our Spring quilting retreat. I don't think I mentioned before that the NOLA Modern Quilt Guild is having a retreat in Gulfport, MS this weekend. One of Ray's family members has a luxury beachfront condo, and they're graciously letting us stay there this weekend! You see folks? Hurricanes, flooding and smothering humidity aside, there are a few perks to living in New Orleans! I promise to think of you all (especially those in chilly Canada) this weekend while I'm drinking my morning tea in the warm salty breeze and watching the sunrise from our 9th floor balcony.

Materials for Pretty {little} Pouch partner!


Hey, it was actually sunny here today. Chilly was last week (=

What a great little pouch. Love all the details. Enjoy the retreat!

Kerry is sosososo talented -- you are one lucky, pouch-carrying girl! have fun at your retreat...although I too can confirm that spring has finally sprung up here in Canada (or at least in Toronto). Hooray!!

Ok, it's not THAT chilly in Canada, you know (just ask Seattle)! You are so lucky, I covet Kerry's work and this little pouch of joy is no exception. WOWEE!!! I wish someone had video taped your happy dance. Have a wonderful retreat weekend grrlz.

Awesome pouch - you scored! I also love your pouch photoshopped into the Beauty and the Beast photo. Comedy gold.

Very beautiful purse, i love it

That got to you so quick and through your multiple addresses! I am so glad you like it and I love the pic where it is in Beauty and the Beast! It was lovely to have someone I knew as a partner!

Oh you lucky duck, that pouch is so pretty! Kerry did an amazing job as usual.

Lucky, lucky you. This pouch is wonderful!

It's a fabulous pouch. I think Kerry is a mind reader. She nailed exactly what I'd love when she was my partner in a swap too!

Wow, it really is gorgeous! If it hadn't have been destined for you, I would have driven over there for you to steal it, it would have saved you the plane fair! I bought one of those panda measuring tapes for my colleague at work - he's male and very embarrassed to use it in our factory!

Very cute pouch! Enjoy your retreat!

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