May 16, 2011

My Amazing Husband

Before I post this week about the retreat, I thought I'd show you what my husband did for me while I was gone. He's so wonderful!!! I've been a little stressed lately, because unpacking everything and settling into the house has been a much longer process than I anticipated. I'm pretty Type A when it comes to our living space, so I hate not knowing where everything is and having boxes and junk sitting in stacks all over the house. When my house is messy, it causes me to have a baseline level of anxiety underlying everything else....I can't sit down and stop being anxious until it's clean again!

So my precious hubby knew the messy house was making me crazy, and he felt like he hadn't been helping me as much as he he surprised me by completely finishing the kitchen while I was in Gulfport!!! He painted, bought a bookcase and unpacked all my cookbooks, purchased a cool bamboo mat for me to stand on while I'm cooking, and even found some kitchen accessories from World Market to decorate with! (my favorite is the picture hanging next to my bookcase!) Aren't you impressed with his decorating skills? Because I am! I'm so glad I staked my claim on him 5 years ago :)









I love walking through and seeing all the little things he hanging up my spice rack

024 cast iron cookware


...the new bookcase and framed picture


...the little arrangements of nicknacks throughout (he bought the glass bottle with the cork too!)


...and lastly, my new mat! It's a bamboo one he found at World Market. Whiskers appreciates it too since it gives him a non-slip surface in the kitchen now :)



Love that bamboo rug the best and YOU HAVE A KEEPER yes indeed!! Glad your stress has been lessened some and you can maybe unpack the sewing room now-lol?!

You definitely have a keeper! What a thoughtful gift. The kitchen looks awesome!

Holy Cow, I wonder if we came over if some of that would rub off on my hubby? Na probably not. Beautiful job on the kitchen! Kudo's to your hubby.

WOW! You are so blessed!

oh, and can he train my hubby please :)

Holy Moses! I bet you were surprised!

gorgeous! Is he available for outside projects!? ;) I'm feeling the same moving stress and we've been in our house 3 months now!! That's so awesome, your kitchen is beautiful.

wow! kudos to hubby! I don't think mine would even think to do something like that (not saying he isn't amazing in his own way though). It's beautiful!

Awww, your hubby sounds like like a sweetie. He did a great job!

Can I borrow your husband? Please? lol. That's amazing!! Also, where did you get your pan rack thing? It's pretty awesome!

I love your hubby! Your house is so beautiful and I LOVE your canister set. You guys are obviously a super cool couple:)

What a great guy! He sure knows the way to your heart....

Your kitchen looks AMAZING Kaelin!! What a fantastic hubby! I LOVE the bamboo mat :)

wow, this looks so great! I love the long spice rack over the stove so much!

also- I bought the patchwork quilt magazine with your pattern in it!

Lovey kitchen! I wish mine was that big...and that pretty!

What an awesome surprise!! You better hang on to him. :)

Enjoy your new kitchen!

isn't it amazing what a little bit of color can do. How grand to come home to that!

What a honey! It all looks fantastic- I love your cooker- I have never seen one like that here, it is lovely and chunky!

Yay for lovely hubbies!! He's done a great job hasn't he? looks great with the new paint!

WOW good job hubby! Mine would never get cute little things like that. LOL He is so "manly" and has no clue how to decorate but decides he has an opinion on it. LOL So as a result I have little style input in my house. LOL

Awesome hubby and gorgeous kitchen!!! I am jealous of both! LOL! Hey...I wonder if you had to go out of town again, he would get another room done?! Lol!!

Wow!! That is just beautiful! You've got yourself one great guy there!!

It looks beautiful! What a guy.
I adore World Market. I wish we had it in Canada!

that's fabulous. What a honey!

That is wonderful! I was going to say, it big part is done and you can just tweak this and that. But he did such a good job, you don't even have to do that!

I'm in love with your kitchen, and your hubby's cuteness. Where did you get the over the stove spice rack? I love love love it (and you too)!!!

He's a catch! Better keep him happy, girl! I love those pear canisters. Too cute.
I don't know when this post was from. I chose it from "you might also like". Dates, maybe?

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