May 10, 2011

My bestest quilty friend :)

Nevermind that Angela has a little girl in the beginning stages of walking/getting into everything ;), preparing for a move across the country, and is committed to several swaps and bees...because somehow in the midst of all that, she found time to design and sew the most gorgeous and unique housewarming present I'll probably ever receive. I'll let the photos do the talking, because words won't do it justice..



And of course, while I was in the backyard after work taking these photos, Whiskers (who I let out to run around after being in a kennel all day), naturally decided to take a little breather right in the center of my quilt. What a diva. Not only does he have his own yard and soccer ball, but he has to claim a "timeout" quilt for himself.


And in case you were wondering, that tree you see behind Whiskers is a MASSIVE oak. It's easily 40 feet tall. Here's another picture from a little further away with Whiskers in there for scale. He enjoys eating all the acorns on the ground...not entirely sure if that's good for him...making a mental note to google that later...


I'm so glad we were able to plan another retreat before she moves, because we're really going to miss her. I need to stop typing about it now, because I'm starting to get a little misty... *sigh*


aww you two are so sweet!
It's almost as if you've planned it this way to both move away at the same time. I'm sure you will still see each other plenty!


That quilt is just the bees knees ... and a lovely poignant post too :)

that's a fabulous quilt. and friends like that are a rare treasure!

I am sure you will miss her a ton. She is so amazing!!! I am so lucky because she is moving up the road from me so I will get to meet her :) But then I move a month later so we won't get to hang out like you guys have :(

Aww, what a sweet friend. You're lucky to have each other.

What a great quilt!
Lucky you!!!!

What a blessing and a gift to have such a treasured friend like that. Beautiful quilt and of course Sir Whiskers!

Awwww. I feel sad for you and Angela,too. Love this quilt.

Aww...sweet Kaelin! I'm so glad that you like the quilt! I've been promising you a block like that for a long time. So I just made it proportionately larger relative to the time it was promised to you. (How do you like that sentence?!) And it looks perfect for a picnic in your new back yard! Whiskers and all!

So sweet- you guys have the best time together- so wish I had such an amazing quilty friend :) I know you will miss each other- I am sure there will be lots of phone calls ;) The quilt is absolutely amazing- just couldn't be any prettier!!

Cute quilt. You have a great friend.

Aw that is so sweet and thoughtful. I am sad that your lovely quilty friend is moving out of town.

Did you move into the house yet? I haven't seen any post about that.
I moved when my DD was 10 months and walking too. It wasnt as bad as you would think. Im sure it wont be fun though. Wishing Angela and family a safe trip..and for you all to have a fun retreat! I totally forgot about it! Wish I was going now.

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