May 17, 2011

A Room with a View

NOLA MQG Retreat

As you know, we had our NOLA Modern Quilt Guild spring retreat this past weekend. Ray's amazingly kind aunt and uncle have a massive 3 bed/3 bath condo in Gulfport, Mississippi, and they were gracious enough to let me, Lana, Kelly, Angela, Cherie and Karen invade with our vast quantities of sewing stuff :) It was like paradise compared to the old, spidery house we stayed at in Baton Rouge last time. They had blackout blinds over the windows and the floor was so dirty my feet were black after walking around for 5 minutes. I kept referring to it as Shawshank during our stay, lol! They charged over $100/person and the lady remembered to tell us we'd need to bring all our own linens and towels, but conveniently forgot to mention there'd be no toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, etc...yikes! That was an interesting thing to discover, haha!

Instead, we got to drink our coffee out here in the morning...

NOLA MQG Retreat

And have a Modern Family marathon while relaxing on these plush sofas - ahhhh!

NOLA MQG Retreat

And you see those lovely pillows on the sofa? Well those were made by the talented gals in our group as a 'thank you' present for our hosts! They're actually 26" down/poly floor pillows, but they looked so cute on the sofas that we left them there for the time being :)

NOLA MQG Retreat - Pillows #2&3

NOLA MQG Retreat - Pillow #2

We found an awesome home decor fabric shop right down the street from our condo called Ole River Fabric. It was one of those diamond in the rough places that you could easily drive by 100x and never notice, but their prices and selection were amazing! They had some gorgeous Ralph Lauren fabrics on sale for $2/yard, and the fabrics pictured above were only $7 (stripe) and $10 (floral) per yard. Don't you love stumbling across places like that? If they'd carried quilting fabric, I'm sure they would've had a bolt of mythical FMF Gray Seeds, lol!

We also found some cute flip flop fabric for $4/yard, so we couldn't resist buying some to make a 3rd pillow for the kids room. There are two sets of bunk beds in there and the grandkids always gather around the bottom of the beds, so I thought the extra floor pillow would be perfect to throw in there :)

NOLA MQG Retreat - Pillow #1 (front)

NOLA MQG Retreat - Pillow #1 (front)

NOLA MQG Retreat - Pillow #1 (back)

I can't wait for them to see the new pillows when they come down in a few weeks!


Great place for a retreat and the pillows are a very nice touch. I am sure they are going to love them.

What a beautiful place (I bet it even had toilet paper and everything!), and you were all so thoughtful with those thank you gifts!

Nice place! I miss the coast. Thanks for sharing. :)

What a view! The coffee must have been incredible there :-)

What a great venue for a retreat! Our guild had ours at a convent. :) I didn't mind though! I love that you guys sewed them a thank you gift! :) Glad you all had fun!

Great venue for a retreat and lovely pillows too!

Love those pillows -- I'm sure they will be thrilled! You know people are always flopping on the floor, especially when there are kids visiting. Fabulous place to retreat :-)

Hooray for Awesome Aunts & Uncles!!! The condo looks gorgeous - and even more so with the new pillows. I'll bet they will love them!

Oh what a lovely location for a retreat! You lucky girls!

Such a nice gesture to make the pillows for your hosts. You really showed your appreciation in a wonderful way :)

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