May 30, 2011

Sneaky Peek

I'm off work today and tomorrow, so I thought I'd take some pictures of my finished sewing room while the glorious morning sunlight was streaming through the windows :)

View from the doorway

My New Sewing Lair

My New Sewing Lair

My New Sewing Lair

My New Sewing Lair

All my fabric storage is along the left-side wall if you're standing in the doorway. These are Itso storage cubes I bought at Target. I like this storage solution best because I can add more cubes as I need them. The bins at the top hold my scraps (sorted by color), and the white drawers contain my patterns)

My New Sewing Lair

My favorite cubby - Japanese fabric + AMH Little Folks Voiles (I have at least 1 yard cuts of all the prints...I'm such a hoarder!)

Favorite fabric cubby

Here's where I store all my Holiday/Seasonal fabric + Home Decor fabric. I really need to get more cubes so I can get rid of these junky plastic drawers.

My New Sewing Lair

Bookshelf & Bolts 
(the plastic bins on the left hold all my fat quarters...the big cubes you saw earlier hold only 1/2 yard or larger cuts of fabric)

My New Sewing Lair

DQS10 quilt from emedoodle :)

My New Sewing Lair

Check out these awesome covers I found stuffed in a storage box. I bought this light switch plate and 4 matching electrical outlet covers on clearance at Anthro a few years back. After I finished painting the sewing room, I randomly thought "didn't I buy some covers that would match this room perfectly back when we lived in Chicago?" I did. Score!

My New Sewing Lair

This is Whiskers giving me what I call the "sass face" because he felt I was spending too much time taking photos, and not enough time scratching his tummy. Look how he's eyeballing me! I always sternly tell him "don't you dare look at me in that tone of voice!" whenever he gives me this look (that was a line my mom used on us as teenagers, lol!)

My New Sewing Lair

In case anyone is wondering, the wall color is Metro Gray from Benjamin Moore, and the curtains are from Patty Young's new Sanctuary line. The print is Seaweed Wrap in Seafoam.

That's all for now folks! I have to run because I desperately need to finish my bag for the Goodie Bag Swap...the mailing deadline is Friday and I have to put together a messenger bag by then :)



Oh WOW- I am so drooling over your lovely room! How wonderful to have a space just for you to create and sew in :) I LOVE it! Makes me smile to see so many beautiful things in one spot!! Can't wait to see the messengar bag :)


LOVE your storage system,love the window view,the light switch covers are pretty hip and well, YEP it's all good;)

Great job Kaelin:)

What a great room -- thanks for sharing this! And thanks too for being such an inspiring and understanding online friend :) Enjoy!

oh gorgeous! I love your curtains! and I love that cameo on your shelf. *wink*

Your room is so pretty. I am salivating over all the yummy fabrics. You did a great job. Not surprising though, all your sewing and quilts are pretty, too :)

Yeay! It looks so pretty! Love the little white shelves and the stuffed scottie :)

Such a great space you have there Kaelin! And the fabrics.. gosh I'm speechless!

I wanna sew at your house!!! Lovely room, Kaelin, you must be so happy. I can't wait to see that messenger bag - I love the fabrics you've chosen.

Wow! I loveeeeeee your stash, can you adopt me, please?? I have a big hoard of those voiles as well- one day I will get the nerve to cut them :-)

Your room looks great, such a happy place to sew! Enjoy it!

Your sewing room is such a beautiful, bright space - I love it!

Before I got to the end of the post I was going to ask about your curtains. What a lovely sewing room! :)

Ooo! So bright and cheerful! I love the stuffed Scottie on your shelf! OMG you have so much fabric!!

Love the curtains...great use of the Sanctuary collection!

I love your curtains and that cute outlet cover!

What a great creative room for you to play! Enjoy it!

I really love that wall color. I am going with a color like that when I finally buy my own house and stop renting. I really want a gray on the walls :)
Love how it turned out, so pretty. I bet it feels good to have your very own probably dont ever want to leave. I know when I first got my own room I would just walk in and look at it. :)

Totally jealous of your room, your stash, and your sense of style! lol. Glad to see my little quiltie hanging there. I really loved that one! :)

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