May 6, 2011

Yes, I'm Alive

Sorry I've been MIA for two weeks! I thought I'd be able to pop right back on here after we moved last weekend, but the past two weeks have been sheer madness. Everything went great with the closing and it only took us 30 minutes to sign all the paperwork and get the keys to our new house! So that definitely wasn't the problem. But the move was exhausting! I'm still recovering....seriously! When I woke up last Sunday morning, I felt like I'd been run over by a truck. We got the keys to our house on Friday at 1, and we had to completely move out of our apartment (and clean it) by Saturday night.

Why is it that whenever you think you're making headway and might get ahead of schedule, you find some other huge pocket of crap that you completely forgot about? We thought we'd moved 75% of our stuff out when we wrapped things up Friday night...but boy were we wrong. We didn't end up leaving the apartment and turning in our keys until midnight on Saturday. You know, there's nothing like moving to confront you with the disgusting amount of stuff you own. And most of it's just that..."stuff". Things that you keep and move from storage space to storage space without ever actually opening or using, yet for some odd reason never get rid of. We have "stuff" that was packed up when we got married 5 years ago and hasn't been touched since. It's now sitting in our attic, where it will probably sit untouched for another 5 years.

Ruffle Pillow

But anyway, less of my whining about moving, and more pictures of crafty things! This was the last thing I made before we moved, and I haven't had time to take pictures or post until now. One of my good friends (and former roomates) from college was an art major, and we've gotten into the habit of having annual craft swaps. Last year she made me an awesome painting (which I dubbed Portrait of Monsieur L'oiseau) for our dining room, and this year she's sending me a letterpress sketchbook completely assembled by cool is that? I can't wait to start filling it with my random sewing ideas :)

I had the unmitigated gall to flat out ask her to make me a letterpress sketchbook when I found out she was taking classes, so I told her to scrounge around on my blog/photostream and find something she liked. This pillow piqued her interest, so I made another variation of it.

Ruffle Pillow (detail)

The body is pure linen, and the felt is regular craft felt from Joann's that I cut using my Olfa rotary circle cutter (that thing makes life SO much easier! I whipped 60 circles out in just 15-20 minutes.) The ruffles are individually sewn onto the front, and the back is a simple envelope closure with a strip of Kei Dots in Brown along one edge (same as my other pillow, except in a different color).

Ruffle Pillow (back)

I hope to get this in the mail on Monday, along with some swap fabrics and blocks that I'm behind on, courtesy of aforementioned move.

We're painting the kitchen and my sewing room this weekend, so I plan to post some fun Before & After pics for ya'll on Monday - woo hoo!


Glad your move went alright. I know what you mean about all that 'stuff'. I seem to have a lot of it. They say if you haven't used it in a year you don't need it but some of that 'stuff' is hard to get rid of. Nice pillow.

Yippee - you have your very own house! How exciting. Enjoy unpacking and setting everything up just the way you like it. And p.s. you are not the only person with too much stuff. Guilty.

I was *just* thinking about you today (not in a stalkery way, I promise) - so glad all went well with the closing. Moves are always challenging - but it must feel so so great to be in your own house!

Yay, at least your in now and things can get back to normal (whatever that is!). I'm terrible with "stuff", I never throw anything out because I might need it one day!
Cushion looks great!

Congrats for surviving the move! moving is seriously one of the worst things in the world. good luck sorting through your stuff. it never endds! love that pillow! what a fun swap!

Welcome back! Hope your enjoying your new house!! How exciting for you!

You are moved in great news. The madness isn't going to calm down yet, for a bit probably. Just getting everything turned on, i.e. electricity , utilities set up, cable and so on can be annoying, but at the end of the day you are homeOWNERS!! So happy for you!

Love that pillow,didn't know there was an Olfa circle cutter...hmmmm.

Yay! Moving is crazy, but so fun too :) Can't wait to see pics of your new sewing room!

Enjoy your new home. Moving is exhusting, that's for sure. Happy decorating! Jacinta

Glad to see your posts again! Congrats on the house!!!!

Yay-hoo!! So glad you got moved and are in your HOUSE :) Totally know that run-over-by-a-truck feeling- it stinks :) Hopefully everyday will get better and better :) Enjoy your home :)

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