June 16, 2011

DWR Button (and a giveaway!)

Notice anything new along my sidebar? That's right! I now have a button for my quilt along that you can proudly display on your blog :)  Just copy and paste that long html code below the button image (and make sure you don't miss that "a" hanging out all by itself on the top line...poor little guy :( )

And here's some even better news! Pink Castle Fabrics will be providing two lucky readers with bundles of Foundation Piecing Papers. Each bundle will contain 50 papers - enough to piece the entire DWR quilt (+ extra), if you so choose.

To enter...

1. Leave a comment.
2. For a second entry, tell me your favorite traditional quilting pattern :)
2. For a third entry, become a follower and leave a comment telling me so. If you already are, leave a comment to that effect.
3. For a fourth entry, blog about this giveaway or my quilt along and leave a comment telling me so. 

I will announce the winner Monday morning (6/20). Good luck!!!


Foundation piecing papers sound a great idea! I haven't seen them before

I love feathers but I've never tried any!! I usually do straight line quilting in randomly spaced lines

This sounds great! I got in to quilting through paper piecing!

I love continuous quilting patterns allover! Like stipple backgrounds or waves ...

I am already a follower! Thanks so much!

I'd love to try the foundation piecing papers. I've done paper piecing, but never used these. Thanks for the giveaway.

I'm partial to the Ohio Star because it's the first block I ever made.

I started a DW a couple months ago, and as the first 2 curves didn't match up with the solid, it's been sitting where I left it since. Perhaps foundation piecing is the way to go!

I fancy foundation papers- sound like a helper!

I like really simple designs like Broken Dishes

I absolutely love this Foundation Piecing Paper and that is all I use for paper-piecing.

My favorite traditional pattern actually is the Double Wedding Ring with Grandmother's flower Garden a close second.

I just became a Follower. I found this blog through Shannon's blog and i shall put it in my list of blogs that I check every day. Thanks.

Woo hoo! Ready to get started :)

I don't know if this is considered a "pattern" but I really like all the possibilities with english paper piecing... Hexagons and whatnot...

Of course, I follow you :)

I don't think I'll be joining the quilt-along, only because I have too many projects on my progress list at the moment. I know it will be a successful project, though! Thanks for sharing this great Pink Castle giveaway!

I have never tried foundation piecing before. The papers would be a great way to start! Thanks!

I am already a follower ;-D

I think my favorite pattern would be the Basket.

I really like good ol' patchwork quilts. :-)

I'm a follower of your blog!

I blogged about the QAL!! :)


I saw the fabric kits at pink castle fabrics and I am soooo tempted!

kelly o.
brockdiva at hotmail dot com

I just finished my first paper pieced top and I'm hooked. I would love to try out some foundation paper.

I follow your blog in google reader.

I think my fav traditional pattern is the DWR! But a close second is the drunkards path. That's on my to-do" list also.

And yay for this quilt a long, I really am super excited. i've got my initial fabric pull done! Just have to fine tune it.

I would love to have these papers on hand! I always use copy paper and I know it's much easier with foundation paper.

I really think the double wedding ring is my favorite traditional quilt pattern, although there are so many fabulous sampler blocks as well.

Thanks for the opportunity to win the foundation papers. They are a time-saver for sure.

My favorite traditional quilting pattern is Grandmother's Flower Garden.

I am already a follower of your blog and am off to blog about your giveaway.

i posted here. http://myfabricobsession.blogspot.com/2011/06/joining-qal-and-i-had-lucky-streak.html
Would love your feedback on my fabrics!

Oooo, I'm so ready to try paper piecing. This would help me out tremendously! Thanks!

My favorite traditional quilting pattern is the log cabin because it has so many variations.

I am already a follower. :o)

My fave traditional pattern is a simple log cabin. You can do so much with different mixes of fabrics. And it is easy to make :)

Comment comment comment... I've never paper pieced before, but I'm thinking I might try your QAL, and this giveaway would help me start!

I am really looking forward to this quilt along!

I am already a follower of your blog! It's funny I have had this project saved already for a few years and just never got the nerve to try it. So very glad you are doing this!

My favorite is hexagon quilts

I would say my fav traditional pattern is the cathedral window I havee never actually made one but I think they are so beautiful.

I have always pieced with phone book pages... I think this would be so much better! Thanks for the chance.

My traditional favorite is the double wedding ring. It's my "goal quilt" and I think I'm ready to jump right in and join your QAL.

I would like to be entered in the giveaway. I'm hoping to do the quilt along with you but I'm not familiar with the foundations method

And Ive started following you through my blog the stoned kangaroo

Thanks for the button...and the giveaway!

I think my favorite traditional pattern is Flying Geese! My great grandmother made me a FG quilt when I graduated high school and I treasure it, especially since she's no longer with us.

I've never attempted paper piecing before... I am planning to pay close attention to your QAL & might try it for a pillow or table runner (I'm glad you suggested those as a full quilt in this pattern is way too intimidating for me!)

I'm not sure which pattern is my fav... I really like hexagons & flying geese. Um, and log cabins!

Of course, I am already a follower :)

I just love any block that looks like a star

This looks like fun, and I might learn something in the bargain!

It's hard to choose one favorite block but I really like the 9-patch because you can do so much with them. Pinwheels are also fun.

I think Log Cabins are my favorite traditional pattern. On my way to trying that.

Would love to try the Foundation Piecing Papers :)

I like star blocks and log cabins.

I also added your giveaway to the roundup at http://www.craftbuds.com/giveaway-roundup/

I forgot earlier to tell you my favorite traditional block patter is the bear paw!

I love paper piecing! Can't wait for the quilt-a-long to start. thanks for the chance...

I love stars and in particular the friendship star - so versatile, you can combine it with lots of other patterns and everyone knows what it means.

I follow your blog - love it - need more pics of that cute little Scottie!

I also posted a link to your dwr quilt along post on my facebook, don't know if that counts!

Count me in.
Love to use up scraps making log cabins.

Well I've wanted to make a DWR since forever!
But apart from that I like star blocks like the ohio star.

Hi, my name is Kelly and I'm a QAL-a-holic! I really need these papers so I'll stop using my computer paper! :)

I'm a loyal follower.....does adding the "loyal" get me any bonus points?

I like plain old patchwork squares. I'm boring, er, traditional, like that!

My favorite block for quilts - nine patch - so versatile

I love Pickle Dish- that's my dream qilt at the moment- I hope that counts as "traditional" enough :)!! The archs look really similar to dwr- wonder if they would be interchangeable?? hmmmm...

Hey Kaelin! Thanks for the giveaway. I haven't tried foundation piecing papers. So far, I have just used printer paper. Really dulls the sewing machine needle, so I don't do it very often. I'd love to try the foundation paper instead, so sign me up for the giveaway.

Good luck with the DWR QAL. Wish I could play. Still haven't finished my Single Girl either. I'm waaaaay behind.

I've done paper piecing once for a string quilt, and removing the paper was a huge chore. So, would like to win and try these foundation papers! Thanks for the chance.

My favorite traditional pattern is the log cabin. I think I've made about 30 of those. I could do them in my sleep. I love the way the colors blend...

And, I've been a follower for awhile now.

I already follow your blog

I've been cutting and hand piecing a dwr, but I've come to the conclusion that foundation piecing really is the way to go with this pattern!

My favourite is still the double wedding ring (even though it is giving me a hard time!).

With the surname McFarlane I would be mad not to be a follower - thanks for the chance!

I'm so excited about your qal.

I like the 9 patch, simple but can be tweaked for many variations.

I became a follower today after reading about your qal!

Paper piecing is on my list of things to try to do. I'm looking forward to seeing your mad men quilt!

I really like dresden plates.

I've been a follower for ages! I get a lot of inspiration from your projects :)

I blogged about the quilt-along here:

I think DWR is my favourite traditional pattern, but this will be my first attempt at making one.

I follow your blog. Thanks for the giveaway and the QAL.

I'm looking forward to the QAL in July.

I would love to give these papers a try! thanks!

I love any type of log cabin block!

i am a follower too! thanks!

DWRs are beautiful, classic and so intimidating - you are a great inspiration! Thanks for sharing with QAL with us!

My favorite traditional pattern is the log cabin- I think because it was the first project (done as a red white and blue flag) I did with my mom as a young kid. That seems like an eternity ago, but I still love my little flag wall hanging!

I'm a new follower (visited from Becky at My Fabric Obsession) and so glad I did!

What a neat quiltalong! I keep forgetting to save my old needles for things like paper piecing. :]

My favorite is also the log cabin... I like patterns that I can do. :}

I've been a follower for quite a while.

I'm so dying to do this quilt along. My brother got married back in April and I promised him and his new wife a quilt; but haven't picked anything yet...maybe this is it.

Some of my most treasured books in my collection are my Mom's traditional sewing block books, I use them for inspiration all the time.

My current favorite block is the Friendship Star, I think it's called. I'm making a modern-ized version for a swap and although it's my first time trying it, I'm loving the look that it creates.

blogged here -> http://thepewteracorn.blogspot.com/2011/06/double-ring-trouble-inspiration-and-qal.html

Thanks again for the chance!

Thanks for the giveaway!

I like the Dear Jane quilt pattern

I can't wait to get started! I'm visiting the LQS this weekend to find my fabrics!

I like a pinwheel or Ohio star block the best. I also liked a lot of blocks in the 100 quilt blocks magazine, namely the Starstruck block--designed by a man! I haven't checked out his blog yet, but I plan to.

I've never used papers. It would be good to have a go with them.

Love to paper piece! I haven't done any for a while, so this would be the "nudge" I need to get back in the saddle.

Sandy A

I love any star blocks, but my all time favorite block is the Friendship Star. So easy, but so fun to make!

Sandy A

I'm already a follower!

Sandy A

I'd love to win - can't have enough of these papers

Favorite traditional pattern would be a toss up between Storm at Sea and Irish Chain

I've been a follower for quite a while

This quilt along is very exciting but I think I am going to keep it very small (maybe a table runner) and I think I am going to keep it quilt scrappy. Thanks for doing this.

I have to say my favorite traditional pattern is the log cabin because it is so versatile. My favorite way to do log cabin is QAYG.

I added your giveaway to my blog http://gapquilter.blogspot.com/p/giveaways.html

Great giveaway! Great Blog! Thank you!

Have a super great day!

I have blogged about your giveaway at:

I have never tried foundation piecing before. The papers would be a great way to start! Thanks!

My favorite traditional quilting pattern? I don't know if you're talking about the quilt pattern, or the quilting pattern. I don't quilt my own quilts, I just piece them. And I'm fairly new to piecing quilts, but one thing I've learned is the fact taht I like to make BIG quilts. So I'm liking Yellow Brick Road and Turning Twenty quilts. And large 9-patch blocks.

This pack of papers would be just the thing to make me get started with foundation piecing, a new skill for me.

I'd love to have these to use! DWR has always intimidated me.

My favorite pattern is Winding Ways - love, love, love the interlocking circles.

How DID you know I've just run out of foundation papers and am in need of more!? Thanks for this perfectly timed giveaway, and the chance to win!

In years past, I've done a fair share of foundation paper piecing. Since discovering the "Circle of Geese" block, I'm ready to do fpp again. I so like this block for its color rainbow on a white background. It's great!

I've just become a follower. It looks like you're fast approaching 600 followers. Looks like it's nearly time for another, celebratory giveaway!

This sounds like a fun way to learn foundation piecing and make a quilt I probably wouldn't make for quite sometime without a support group. Otherwise I'd be tearing my hair out! Lol

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