June 9, 2011

Finished Whack-a-Bunny Quilt

Whack-a-Bunny Quilt

I finished binding Bry's giveaway prize, the "Whack-a-Bunny" quilt, late last night. Sorry, but all you'll get today is a quick photo parade because the fam is coming over for dinner and they'll be here any minute!

Bunny #1 peeping his head out

Bunny #2 trying to duck back down

Bunny #3 diving for cover (head-first)

 All three bunnies in perspective

Check out how well the binding coordinated! It has bits of light green, blue, and pink.

The back

 It looks so summery on the back...kinda like a watermelon (except that it's orange on the inside instead of pink, lol)

All the prints (front, back, binding) mingling together 

 And here's one more shot of Bunny #1, just for good measure :)

This will finally be winging it's way to Bry tomorrow. Thanks for your patience and I hope it finds a happy place in your home :)


oh man, i want to see it after it's washed! the crinkle +frayed edges are going to be divine!

This is so charming! Congrats on a really terrific finish!

Adorable quilt! I love bunny #3 especially his little tail.

Very very cute!! What a great baby quilt - sure to be a longtime favorite!

It's fantastic, I love it! The colours are great and the addition of bunnies improves ANYTHING!

I'm glad the Loulouthi print was worth waiting for. It's such a cute quilt!

This is such a cute little quilt!

So dern cute! Whoever came up with the pattern (was that you?) has a wonderful imagination :-)

Haha! That's really cute. :) I love the reverse applique...I've got to do that sometime soon.
And the bunnies are SO cute!! What a great idea. :)

It's sooooo cute! I cannot wait to hang it! :D

it is wonderful Kaelin, love those little peeking bunnies and the colorchoices are great!

I got it yesterday and it is just too freaking adorable! I am going to rearrange my wall of mini quilts this weekend so I can hang it!! Thanks thanks thanks so much!!

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