June 20, 2011

Giveaway Winners

The winners of the foundation piecing papers from Pink Castle Fabrics are...

Comment #90 - Kelly...
"I'm a loyal follower.....does adding the "loyal" get me any bonus points"

Comment #94 - Candice...
You know I follow you ;)

Thanks to everyone that participated! I'm really excited about getting started on our DWR quilt along in July! I'm going to be taking a bit of a sewing break for the next week or so, because I have a severely pinched nerve in my shoulder from all the sewing I've been doing - oops! I'll still post now and then, just not as often as usual and I won't have any finished projects to show you for a little while :(


Whoo hoo! I guess the "loyal" helped! I have no excuse not to join in, huh? If the papers are coming from Brenda, tell her she can put them in with the order she'll be shipping soon (I think she's waiting on some 1001 Peeps prints for me).

I hope you feel better soon girl!

Congrats to winners :)

Hope your shoulder is feeling better soon!

Congratulations to both winners! I hope your shoulder heals quickly :)

Ohh! I'm so sorry that your shoulder is in pain. You know how to sacrifice your body for your craft though. ;)

Im looking forward to the quilt along. I've always wanted to try that style. I just moved to New Orleans two months ago and have been dying to get back into the sewing mix. I applied to join the Nola Modern Quilt Guild website so I could meet some other quilters, but I never heard back or got approved. It's still nice to read your blog and follow someone in the area that sews!

Congratulations to the winners!

Have a great week!

God bless and keep you,

Oh my goodness, gracious, mercy me Miss Kaelin!! I was out of town last weekend, just got the paper in the mail, and ran like lightning to your blog- I couldn't believe I had wond! Then I saw this!!! I'm going NUTS here- doing the happy dance and squealing all around the house :) I am in shock! Thank you so very much, and thank you Brenda too!! Amazing ladies :) I really needed this today!

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