June 6, 2011

I *heart* Kelly

I know we all wonder what our online friends are like in person, and I had the pleasure of meeting one of mine recently!  Both Angela and I had chatted and swapped with Kelly (kelbysews) on Flickr for a while, but the retreat was the first time we'd ever met her in person. I discovered she's every bit as sweet and talented as she comes across on the computer :)

But just in case you're thinking to yourself, "listen Kaelin, that Kelly girl still seems a little shifty to me. She finishes a quilt top every other day and I think she might be some kind of autonomous sewing robot," I can assure you that she is in fact human. And I'm 99% sure she's able to sew at Mach 3 because she's fueled by her incredibly tasty cooking. I'm positive I could have powered myself to the moon and back after eating her Chicken Carbonara. And while she does have a little mischievous streak (she had Angela minxing it up with a booty dance and a one-shouldered shirt by the end of the retreat...we're hoping Angela's husband won't mind her flying down for more retreats in the future if they produce similar results), to quote my mother-in-law, "Kelly's as sweet as homemade apple pie". Just look at the "thank you" bag she sent in the mail as a present for arranging the retreat!

Bag from Kelly!!!

Bag from Kelly!!!

It's shaped just like a brown paper grocery sack. Too cute! But she had me at "Modern Meadow"...it was love at first sight when I spotted the Dogwood blossoms.
Bag from Kelly!!!

And she even did a little piping detail on the four main corners :)
Bag from Kelly!!!

Meeting Kelly made me even more excited about the upcoming Sewing Summit in October, because I'll finally get to meet so many of you lovely ladies face-to-face. Aren't you all PUMPED?!  Just thinking about it makes me feel like this. How many of you will be going? Leave a comment if you are, because I'd love to know! I'll give you fair warning about one of my more obnoxious traits - I have self-awareness issues when it comes to the volume of my voice/laugh, so you'll probably hear me before you see me. Right when you're thinking something like, "Good God man! Who is that crazy loud woman making a scene in the corner?" and decide you want to put a lot of distance between yourself and said mystery quilter, you'll realize it's me. I was just discussing with a coworker today how I always got an "N" for "Needs Improvement" on my Elementary School Conduct Cards because, although I was an exceptional student, I had a hard time keeping my mouth shut. Twenty years later, not much has changed :)

Ooh...and one more surprise before I go! Guess what's coming to a blog near you on July 1st?

DWR Quilt Along

I'm teaming up with Pink Castle Fabrics to bring ya'll lots of fun things ;)


I'm going to the Sewing Summit, and I can't wait to meet you! I blog stalk you, and if you're as loud as you say you are, I'll for sure be able to stalk you there.

And I have decided that we have to be friends, because my husband has a business trip to New Orleans next spring, and if I can swing it to go with him, you're on my list of "must see's" there...

Ok, now I'm coming across as creepy... I promise I'm not though.

what a nice gift and pretty too...

That is the sweetest post EVER! I ♥ you too! Glad you liked the bag! You did such a great job putting everything together for us (even if you did rig it so we couldn't go to the best shop which you later visited all by yourself). I forgive you. :)

You know I'll be there, Baby!! I promise to be loud with you :-)

Oh I"m getting excited! (now I just need to save a few more pennies and book my hotel and flight... eeek!) I wonder which of us will be shy and totally unlike our online persona's... I hope it's not me, I was voted most quiet and shy in high school... I like to think that I've outgrown that.

Me too!! And I am as loud as they can be- and shy at the same time- how's that for a combo?? :) hehe! So excited to meet you all (or all ya'll- if you speak Southern :))!!

PS- your blogger help worked (look, I'm me now! yipee)- you are PURE GENIUS!! Thank you!!!!!!

I'm going and am so excited about it. I can't wait to meet so many great people in October.

So fun that you got to meet a bloggy friend. I have to be a little jealous that someone can sew and cook that well though - haha! Excited about your DWR QAL! WOHOO! I definitely need to start thinking about fabrics. No Sewing Summit for me.

I'll be at the Summit! I can't wait to meet you. Your new bag from Kelly is so cute! That was very thoughtful of her.

Love your little scenario talk in your post!! Wish I could go to the Summit where ever it may be. Probably too far from NC:(

The Quilt along looks very interesting:)

I am going to the Sewing Summit! There is a group of us coming from Portland. I can't wait to meet so many people and have a whole weekend of quilting.

I am going to the Sewing Summit! I admit I am pretty quiet, but I have a loud laugh as well. People always comment on it, and *sniff* it makes me a little self conscious. :0)

I'm going to Sewing Summit too! Can't wait! After meeting several of my online "crushes" at Quilt Market, I'm dying to go. And I'm going to need it, too, because my daughter is getting married on September 4, and I'm going to need a vacation and some fabric therapy after that.

I can really relate to your elementary school comment, too, and even today, my family is always saying, "Shush, Mom! You're too loud." I'll try not to be too obnoxious at the Summit.

Soooooooooo looking forward to it! Can't wait!

Hey I'm going to be there! I'll be in the same room and everything...you know, the party room!

And I adored getting to meet Kelly in person. I wish she could take me shopping all the time! ;)

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