June 28, 2011

Kaelin: 1, Weeds: 0

This is what happens when you don't garden wage war for the first two months you own a house. You end up sweaty & dirty with a giant sack o' weeds. (I left out sweaty, dirty Kaelin in this photo because no one wants to see that...it might involve frizzy bag lady hair and some butt sweat...crap...did I just mention butt sweat in a blog post? yeah...i'm probably gonna lose about 50 readers after that comment...and Angela's gonna shake her head at me from Indiana...lol)


Been there done that!! Take a nice hot shower to recover and enjoy your favorite drink!

LOL!! I know what you mean about butt sweat!! That's why I avoid weeds like the plague - just call the wildflowers!!

Hahaha...*wipes tear from eye* Butt sweat. It happens to us all.

Butt sweat is NOT pleasant- I try to avoid it at all costs, but it just happens with weeds :) hehe!! Love it- glad you won!! Hip hip hooray! :)

oh my gosh!!! I was TOTALLY shaking my head when I read that! lmao! I guess I'm a little predictable huh? I hope your rear end dries out nicely.

LOL just stating the facts. :)

Feels so good when you're done and can sit back and admire your work. Unless you're a bender instead of a croucher...then the sore backs of legs show up the next day!

Try doing that yard work nonsense when you're a hundred months pregnant! Butt sweat'll be the least of your problems!

I just hope some of those nasty bugs you get didn't come out to pester you. I'm still shuddering ;-)

OK, Kaelin, now I really heart you!

Bwahahahahaha!!!! You totally said butt sweat! And I totally just laughed my non-sweaty butt off! But I need to get out and weed too! Hey, you know how they make those sweatbands for your head (80's style)? Maybe they should make sweatbands for cracks! Dude. I am totally patenting that idea!

lmao - I'm still not sure how I missed this blog post originally...

uh huh huh uh - you said butt and weed - uh huh huhhuh huh

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