June 1, 2011

Last Hurrah

My friend Angela and her family officially moved back to Indiana this past weekend. *sniff* I told her she was more than welcome to leave Favorite Baby down here with me, but she wasn't too keen on that idea ;)

I'm incredibly sad I won't be able to swing by her house on my lunch breaks any more :(  She was only a few blocks from my office, so I would occasionally show up on her doorstep to swap fabric or play with Favorite Baby when I was having a crappy day. But at least the Three Sewateers (what I secretly call me, Karen, and Angela) were able to squeeze in one last sewing/Chick-fil-A party before she moved.  Karen was awesome enough to make the long trip across the lake after work on Thursday so we could having a sewing party, watch a few million Glee episodes, and munch on Spicy Chicken Deluxes from Chick-fil-A. That's the life, I tell you!

Angela and I worked on our Bottled Rainbows quilt together, and I have about 20 projects that probably should have taken priority over this purely recreational quilt, but I thought it would be fun for us to work on the same thing together. It also came in pretty handy, because whenever one person was a little short on scraps for a particular color, someone else was sure to have it :) 

I now have all four of my blue blocks done! Behold...

Kona Bahama
Bottled Rainbows - Bahama

Kona Cyan
Bottled Rainbows - Cyan

Free Spirit Solids Pacific
Bottled Rainbows - Pacific

Free Spirit Solids Admiral
Bottled Rainbows - Admiral


Lovem' all!! Sorry your friend moved. I know how that is being a military wife:(

It is so hard when friends move away. I am so glad you were able to get in one last hurrah :) It is funny that Angela has moved here and now I am moving in 2 weeks. Crazy :)

Awww...I bet you will miss her. Hope she can come and visit some. Maybe she will come down for retreats still.

ahhh...the Three Sewateers! I love it! Kaelin I'm already sad that I don't have you here to go scope out all of the fabric stores in the area with me. I want to discover fabulous deals on out of print fabrics with you! Hey, you should come visit! ;)

Your blocks are stunning!!! It's fun to check out all of the scraps. So sorry Angela has moved far away....

I'm sorry about the move :-( That Cyan block is awesome though, my favorite one!

I've been looking at these blocks over in the ticker tape flickr group so fun. It's so hard when friends move away!

LOVELY!! They are so purtty!!


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