June 8, 2011

A lesson from your Auntie K

Dear little children,

Tell your parents to close their eyes, because I'm going to teach you a bad habit today. You see, sometimes your teachers and parents are wrong when they tell you to always be on time. Because sometimes, just sometimes, it pays to procrastinate....like when you don't get around to binding a quilt for 2 months, and a new Spring fabric line comes out that includes a print which coordinates with your project more perfectly than you could have imagined.


Auntie K

(Hopefully Bry also thinks it was worth the wait...*crosses fingers*)


best justification for procrastination ever. ;)

SOOOOOO love this! Made me smile, and yes, that is the PERFECT binding! :) Bry will love it!

LOL! Great procrastinating excuse! :)

what a really FUN little quilt...

How cute,very creative! Trying to peek at how you are doing your binding in the picture;)

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