June 17, 2011

Scottie Watch

Scottie Watch

1. If you're participating in the DWR Quilt Along, I've started a Flickr group! Feel free to post photos of the lovely fabric bundles you're putting together for it - I'm itching to see them :)

2. Lately I've been thinking a lot about storage. Namely, cute storage solutions. Found some good ideas here and here, and some amazing inspiration here.

3. I've also been thinking a lot about babies, since roughly 94.2% of the females I know are pregnant right now. Check out this quilt pattern (scroll down to "Monkey Business") in the latest issue of Quilter's World. Isn't that about the cutest baby quilt you've ever seen?

Photo courtesy of Quilter's World

Or how about this sweet & simple lamb quilt? I like it because it's gender neutral, and could work well with just about any nursery decor. I love giving presents like that because they're a lot less stress trying to coordinate! Also, you can get an early start instead of waiting to find out the sex of the baby and the subsequent color scheme. All this talk of nursery colors is reminding me of that scene in Juno where Jason Bateman is talking about yellow being a "gender neutral" color...lol!

4. Looking for some cute business card designs for your online shop (or other purposes)? Well here are some adorable ones for FREE. I heart Jessica Jones' designs so much.

5. Here are some cute DIY ideas for Father's Day:
  • I love these little bowtie cards. I'm gonna pick up a cheap bowtie at a thrift store/TJ Maxx and make my own version. They look like they want to be all grown up and serious, but I can't help but wanna squeeze their little cheeks :)
  • Have one of those "already has everything he needs" kinda Dads that are impossible to buy for? Yeah, me too. So I always get him food...and honestly, that's what he prefers. He loves when I drive up to Kentucky to visit, because I always bring a cake sampler box from Haydel's plus a giant a box of Napoleons and other French pastries from La Boulangerie. Whenever I can't be there in person, I send packaged specialty foods he can't get in podunk London, KY. These labels will be perfect for personalizing things a bit :)
  • How about a manly (and hilarious) apron for the BBQ King? But seriously, here is a link to two free manly-looking apron patterns.
Courtesy of tipnut.com

  • For the Techie (my father-in-law), here are about a zillion different iPad and Kindle case patterns. That tutorial list is bound to give you some good ideas.
6. I recently found out about Heartsy from some friends on Flickr. In a nutshell, it's like Groupon for Etsy. They have daily deals and coupons that you can purchase. I recently paid $13 for a $40 credit at one of my favorite Etsy shops, This and That from Japan. If you sign up using this link, both of us will receive a $5 credit. Or you can sign up the old school way using this link. Whatever floats your boat :) I waffled back and forth over whether or not I should even put that link...because I didn't want you all to think I was using you for my own evil capitalist purposes, but on the flip side I wanted to give you all a way to get $5 off. So if you're weirded out by the $5 credit thing, just sign up the normal way. It's all good :)


I love the storage solution ideas - especially those baskets. I really need to get some storage sorted.

You're my favourite Evil Capitalist. (I already belong to Heartsy).

Now I've got to go track down a copy of Quilter's World -- those monkeys are great!

I cannot find this in April or June Quilter's World. Can you date the issue where you found it?

Hi Linda,

Your blogger account was set to "no reply", so I wasn't able to reply directly to your email. I did a google search, and it looks like that quilt was in the August 2011 issue.

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