June 29, 2011

This is why I quilt

Remember this block from a few months ago?

Block for Project Special Delivery

At the time all I could tell you is that it was for a top secret project - Project Special Delivery, to be exact. What I can tell you now, is that Faith had organized a group to make baby presents for Heather Ross' first child. Heather has blessed all of us with her lovely and whimsical designs for so many years, and we wanted to do something special to thank her. Some people made appliqued onesies for each month of the year, others did toys, and a portion of the Project Special Delivery group decided to make a rainbow quilt "virtual bee style". We each signed up for a specific color, and tried to incorporate some of HR's fabrics into the block.

We mailed our blocks off to Mama Spark a few months ago, and she assembled the entire quilt and added the most GORGEOUS quilting. I can't imagine that anyone could have done a better job - I just love the motion and whimsy her quilting pattern added to the design!

Project Special Delivery

Here's a glimpse of the back...

Project Special Delivery

...with a close up of one block in particular. It's a message from our little group, and includes one of Heather's favorite quotes.

Project Special Delivery

Just today I found out that Heather received her quilt, and she wrote us the most beautiful note in return. I have no shame in admitting I have an extremely tender heart (just ask Angela about the day she moved), and I cried a little bit when I read it. And this is why I quilt. I quilt because it allows me to give part of my time and my heart to other people through fabric. I quilt because it allows me to be a part of memorable events in other's lives; it gives me the unique opportunity to share a lasting gift with someone that will remind them of that moment, and hopefully, make them smile and bring them warmth.

To quote my dearly departed grandmother "My cup runneth over, I drink from the saucer." I am so blessed to know you all, and to be a part of the online quilting movement :)


Wow. You very eloquently stated what most of us crafters feel about why we put our hands, minds and hearts into what we do. I feel very proud to be a little part of your quilty world as well as all of those other wonderful crafters out there who do it for others!

Well, now you made my cry :) So perfect!

Her note was really so sweet. I feel very proud to be a small part of that gift to her. Her gratitude was very heartfelt and sincere.

How lovely and what a special gift. Beautiful post Kaelin!

I know how you feel. Quilting is a magical gift isn't it though;)

That's just a beautiful quilt and story. Thank you for sharing!

Wow! I am welling up a bit here, too. That quilt is one gorgeous compilation!

Thanks for posting what most of us felt in the group and in our quilting adventures. My friend Liz actually did the quilting but she always does beautiful work! Awesome post, Kaelin.

That is a STUNNING quilt!! Thanks for sharing!!

Wow. It's such a great quilt. Great doesn't really cover it. It's stunning. I'm sure she will love it, and it's so wonderful you all were able to do something so meaningful for Heather and her growing family.

Such a nice thing to do!

How awesome! I got a little teary - like when those Hallmark commercials at Christmastime. There are so many great people out there passing on goodwill. What a special treat.

That is such a wonderful group project! I feel the exact same way about quilting, my guild friends and my online blog-buddies. Life is just more cozy when you quilt!

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