July 11, 2011

Coming Soon: My First Official Quilt Pattern

Coming Soon: My First Official Quilt Pattern!

Sorry I've been a little more quiet than usual the past couple of weeks, but the DWR and a few other big projects have been occupying my time. One of the projects I've been tinkering with in my Mad Quilter's Lab is my first official quilt pattern - yay! I hope to wrap things up and publish it in my Etsy shop by the end of the month. Logistically, it's been a test of my skills. I knew what I wanted to do, but I had to experiment with a few different methods in order to find a user-friendly version. Can't wait to show it to ya'll in a few weeks!

How's everyone's summer going? What are you working on? I'd love for you to leave links to your current projects in the Comments!

Sorry to check in and check out so quickly, but I've gotta scoot! My hubby is spoiling me tonight - he's making dinner and selecting a movie on Netflix for us as I type. So precious :)  Have a lovely evening!


That block looks so pretty, and nice and plump! At least SOME things look good plump :-) Not so I!

You can always tide us (or at least me) over with Whiskers pix. His photos just crack me up. Fun!

Oh so fun, enjoy your spoiling :) Love it!! And I am more than excited to see this pattern, my friend!! The teaser picture is killing me- gotta see the whole thing :) LOVE IT!!!! You are amazing!

love the sneak peek........ you can check out all my doings at 16muddyfeet.blogspot.com

i can't wait to see the whole thing!!!

Such good news! Kudos to you, Kaelin! Can't wait to see the finished product.

I just finished a convertible dress tonight...was a bit nervous about a dress that only has straps to cover you on top, but it's decently modest AND super comfortable. Need to get hubby to snap some photos before I post.

oooh congratulations Kaelin that is exciting!

ooh lucky you being spoiled by the hubby! :) I'm excited to see your pattern! :) I've thought about writing one up myself, but have no clue where to start... and being that I've never properly followed a quilt pattern I've never even used one! lol. I'm too "free" for that sort of thing? Maybe not for yours though - I'm sure it's great!

Yay -- congratulations! Can't wait to see the final pattern! My summer is so busy -- no time for sewing becausing I'm furiously working on my September wedding. (So still lots of fun DIY!)

That's so awesome! I look forward to seeing the pattern soon. I just finished my Wonky Bee quilt, but I haven't taken photos of the finish yet!

Wow, congratulations!! I am looking forward to seeing it in your shop!!

I am sure it will be awesome! I have a patterns I keep meaning to get ready...might have to enlist your help to edit, etc!

By the way, blogged about your fabric package today :-) Thanks again!!

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