July 19, 2011

DWR Progress

I've got about half of my arcs done and I'm racing toward the finish line on Friday :) We had some family unexpectedly visit last week and I didn't get to sew at all, so I'm a little behind. I hope to have the next set of instructions up by Friday, but if I can't get them done in time, I promise I'll have them up by the end of the weekend.

So how are ya'll coming along with your arcs? Are you a superstar with all 80 completed? Let me know how things are going in the comments!


my 80 arcs are complete, have been for a couple weeks :) i got all pumped up and did them before you officially started the quilt along. but i'm glad i did, because then i got into a bit of a slump, and i haven't made any progress on cutting out the background yet... i need to get on that.

Uhh...I have 1 completed. lol. I've had other things with deadlines I've been working on, so I haven't had a chance! :-/

Please ignore Caitlin. She's not normal! JK Those suckers are time consuming, I have only half finished,. So don't feel pressured to have the next set of instructions up by Friday.

5 more arcs to go!...But I haven't cut out my background yet either, sigh. I have to be finished by the wedding in October! This Quilt Along has been a lifesaver, I don't think I would have a chance at finishing on time without it! Thanks!

I am happy to say that I have all my arcs done and nicely trimmed. For once, I am ahead of the game. I'm holding myself back from jumping ahead !

I have my prints cut and my paper arcs cut out, but I've only just started piecing them. I haven't cut my background yet, I won't even have the fabric until tomorrow. So no pressure from me to have the next post up any time soon. I've already resigned myself to the fact that I'll have a hard time staying on schedule, especially since I'm making a queen. I'm just glad for this QA since it's given me the kick in the rear I needed to even start :)

I did finish my arcs. I switch to the paper bag method for piecing and it went pretty fast. I really enjoyed putting those little guys together. But, now Im rethinking my background.I need to go shopping.

I've got my arcs pieced and my background cut (although I'm still not sure about it...) but then I went on vacation so won't be able to get back at things for a few more days anyways. Maybe I'll have time to get a photo posted! Thanks for hosting this.

Glad I started with this smaller version before tackling a bed size. I like the materials I'm using which will eventually be a wall hanging, but I wouldn't have liked it for the bed. I have a better idea now what I want to do for the larger bed version later this winter when I'm cooped up in the house.

Well I'm just about keeping up. Have decided to do a five by five ring, so needed to make another 40 arcs. Posted pics of completed arcs last night. Have yet to cut out the background blocks. Thanks Kaelin for hosting this quilt along.

I'm starting off small, but I will be making more than one DWR project. My first one is a two ring table topper using an Origins charm pack and some grey yardage for the background and yellow backing and binding. I've finished the arcs for this one.

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