July 14, 2011

Fabric Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Yesterday was a very, very bad day...but some fresh new fabric helped soothe a tiny piece of my soul. I will forever be convinced it was divine intervention that led all of my recent fabric purchases to arrive simultaneously in my mailbox yesterday. Normally that would be a bad thing because it would make them harder to explain to my hubby (lol!), but he actually saw it as a good thing considering the climate of the day :)

Know what makes it even better? Most of it was 30% off....including the 3 yards of Ann Kelle's PRECIOUS new Scottie Dog fabric I bought! (thanks for the tip on that print readers *wink*) I'm using it to make a special "sewing room only" bed for Whiskers because he likes to sleep at my feet while I sew. Such a faithful little sidekick...more to come on him and his new friend soon ;)

Let's bask in my retail therapy, shall we?

Fabric Therapy

Fabric Therapy

I love how this stack is a little wonky. I was going to straighten it, but left it that way because it reminded me of the lopsided, cartoon presents piled up in The Grinch's sled ;)

Fabric Therapy


the perfect day for a bunch of fabric to arrive! Yay for beautiful fabric making life just a little bit easier to deal with...or at least forget about for a bit.

Fabric therapy... ahhh. Love the little scotties!

Sorry you had such a rough day, but how lovely to receive all of those yummy fabrics! I had a sneaky suspicion those little Scotties would find their way into your mailbox!

sorry to hear you had a bad day :(
I hope everything is alright.

Well, stinker for bad days!! I am glad that the fabric put a smile on your face and hope that today is LOTS better :) Take care :)

Aww, sorry your Thursday was rough, but, yes, fabric does improve the mood! You picked out some lovelies!

Beautiful new fabric :) I hope your Friday is going better than Thursday :)

I'm sorry that you had a bad day :-(

It sucks to have a bad day. I hope the retail therapy did it's job!! Beautiful fabrics!!!

ooooh, you've got Grinch fabric! Love it! My LQS is supposed to get the full line in this month, and I can't wait to get my hands on some :) I'm so glad for you that your fabric arrived so timely.

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