July 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Angela!

Everyone go over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday! I wish I lived close enough to make you a cake like this Ang! Karen and I were talking about how much we missed you yesterday :(

Have a lovely day with the hubby and Favorite Baby :)

P.S. I stumbled across that awesome cake picture here (and added the text). Isn't that about the coolest cake you've ever seen? I think I might print a picture and casually leave it somewhere in the house so my hubby & mother-in-law can see it and get a few ideas... ;)


I've already been to Angela's party. That cake is soooo cool! Thanks for sharing!

What a fabulous cake! And in pink too!! Love it!

That cake is awesome :) I'm not sure I could cut into it to eat!

Most awesome cake ever! Thanks for the birthday wishes sweetie. I miss you guys too. I want you all to go on a fabric road trip with me. ;)

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