July 6, 2011

I Heart Mail (and lovely online friends)

The best thing about owning my own house? Not having to hurry to the Post Office before the end of business hours and stand in line for 30 minutes so I can pick up my packages.

Everyone enjoying the shadow of my camera in this photo? lol
Best swap ever!!!!!!!!

I got this in the mail from my awesome (and hilarious) new friend Kristie. She sent me some chocolate and fancy Canadian soap, but the chocolate was gone as soon as my husband heard the words "White Chocolate Pistachio", and the Lemongrass soap is currently in my shower after I used it to scrub the violent smell of garlic off my hands after making the world's largest batch of guacamole for 4th of July. There's no doubt these gifts were well-received and appreciated in our home :)

I love the Plaid and Keep Calm magnets. I think we need to start swapping city magnets along with our fabric so we can have a fun record of our friends around the world :)  I might have already found a slightly inappropriate New Orleans magnet to send in my return "sorry your cottage flooded" package. So sad about their lovely summer home :(

And look, the bag even rolls up into a precious little travel-friendly bundle!

Best swap ever!!!!!!!!

And I'm really late posting this, but here's the stunning bag I received from Meg in the Goodie Bag Swap! She was spot on with the fabric because I love AMH's Drawing Room line, and the Volumes print is my fav! I made the shams on my bed out of that print!

Goodie Bag from Meg!

You can tell I've already used it quite a bit, because it's a tad wrinkly in these photos. And can I tell you how ridiculously excited my husband is over the key fob? I always carry giant, slouchy purses and my keys inevitably sink to the bottom. It drives my hubby crazy when he has to stand outside the car and bake in the scorching New Orleans sun while I dig for my keys for 5 minutes....oops! But now I don't have to do that anymore, since I have a handy-dandy fob to attach my keys to. Now that's some good clean livin' there my friends!

Goodie Bag from Meg!

Goodie Bag from Meg!

Yay for lovely packages I can snatch directly from my mailbox the same day they arrive :)


Great bag and I love that tape measure fabric in the last photo.

Key fobs are fantastic! I bought one about 2 months ago and I have no idea why I went so long without one. My keys always got lost in the abyss of my purse. Now my fob stands right out and my keys are always found. Yay!

Those swaps look so wonderful!!!

Great swap items! Enjoy them all!

Glad it all arrived (finally)! As for the inappropriate N.O. magnet....bring it on, you know I will love it!!! LOL!

That bag by Meg kicks. ass. Can I say "ass" on here? Anyhoo, it's true :-)

Kristie indeed rocks as does that fabulous swap package. Yay!

So nice and all the little goodies to boot!

SCORE!!! What gorgeous bags and fun swaps.

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