July 20, 2011

Record Time

I had a total "oh crap" moment on Monday when I remembered we were having a "Grandbaby" Shower for a coworker today at lunch. She's a a really sweet lady and I still wanted to make her a quilt despite the time constrictions, so I went with a really basic strip quilt and put this together in about 7 hours!!! I'm pretty sure that's some kind of record, lol

What is a "Grandbaby" shower, you ask? Well my friend has been divorced for about 10 years and lives alone. Her only daughter is having her first baby in a few weeks, so we all got together and decided to have a baby shower of sorts for her, since her grandbaby will be at her house all the time! I think it's such a fabulous idea, because now her family won't have to cart bulky baby items back and forth between houses :)

I've dubbed her quilt the "Blueberry Hill" baby quilt because of all the bright, summery blues and grassy greens. Here are some closer shots of the prints and binding....

On the back I used my favorite baby fabric ever - Alexander Henry's 2D Zoo! Isn't it precious? I love the thought of her little grandson crawling around on this quilt, looking at all the different shapes and colors of the animals :)

I'm definitely gonna have to pick up some more of this basic dot too, because I love how it works as binding. I only bought a yard of the blue and purple, and a month later I'm almost out of both!

And just for good measure, here's a gratuitous puppy shot! Notice anything new? We're going to be watching my brother-in-law's Jack Russell puppy for the next couple months...she's only a year old and COMPLETELY INSANE, although very sweet! Our life has been more than a little chaotic the past week, but Whiskers has taken to her presence swimmingly. He's happy as a clam and they spend most of their time racing down the hallways, sliding on the wood floors, and wrestling. It's so funny hearing their little claws click on the floor as they run :)

Her name is Rimshot, which seems completely random unless I tell you that she's named after the Jack Russell puppy from the Ernest movies. Remember Ernest Worrell from Ernest Goes to Jail, Ernest Scared Stupid, Ernest Goes to Camp, etc? They came out when I was in elementary school and we all loved them :) No? Well here's a picture to help refresh your memory. In Ernest Scared Stupid she was turned into a wooden statue by the evil troll (and later saved by Ernest, of course!) What would Ernest be without his plucky sidekick?


Love the dogs, but then I guess I am a little bit bias as we have a Jack Russell too! They are little characters, but then most dogs are! Have fun. Linda

Yes, I do believe 7 hours must be some kind of record. Your grandbaby gift is beautiful! Also, funnily enough, I just recently watch Ernest Goes to Jail again with my boyfriend's nephew. It is still goofy, but I enjoyed it.

Woohooo you go girl!!! I am on day 4 of my baby quilt for commission!

Those dogs are gonna surely keep you REAL busy:)

Awesome quilt! 7 hours is pretty amazing - it takes me longer than that to choose fabric haha.

Let me tell you...Rimshot will still be insane when he's 6 or 10 or 14. Trust me...I have TWO Jack Russell Terriers. Yeah, who's insane???

this must be the week of last minute quilts!

I finished mine in a day too for a baby but I cheated by using a panel :)


Perfect shower gift - great job!!! Rimshot is a hoot, I bet those two will be inseparable! Can Rimshot jump 3 feet straight up in the air? That's my fav Jack Russell feat.

Wow!! Only SEVEN hours - you must be the Speedy Gonzales of baby quilts!
I love the idea of the Grandbaby shower, it does make perfect sense. :D
Glad that Whiskers & Rimshot are getting along so well too.

So TOTALLY A RECORD!! You rock!! And I love it :)

That is AMAZING!!!!! Seven hours!!!! I love the colors and I am sure she will be thrilled with such a lovely gift :o)

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