August 31, 2011

Color Burst Quilt

Color Burst Quilt (front) 

I finally did it! I designed my first quilt pattern and I'm crazy excited about it. I feel like Will Ferrel in that scene in Elf when he runs in, flings his hat across the room and shouts "I'm in love! I'm in love! And I don't care who knows it!"

Even better, I'm putting together a pattern and hope to have it in my Etsy shop within the next week or two. Super excited!

I made it for the Modern Quilt Guild's Project Modern: Challenge 4. I've been wanting to try my hand at patterns for a while, especially throughout the different Project Modern Challenges, but always ran into two problems...1) I never had the time because I was busy working on a bajillion other projects, and 2) the designs that pop into my head rarely translate well into fabric. But one day, when I was driving home from work, I randomly started thinking about bar graphs...and how cool that might look as a quilt block. One thing led to another, and I ended up with "bar graph" blocks set at a 45 degree angle that formed little bursts! It was a beast designing them in EQ7, and even more of a beast deciding on the construction. I went through about 4 different piecing methods starting with 18" blocks set on point and trimmed, and ended up with a much easier (and more accurate) paper piecing method.

For the back I used Kona Ash and the leftover prints from the front. I cut them into strips and pieced them so they'd look like a precariously stacked tower of books. I wanted it to look wonky, but just sturdy enough to stay upright (if it were a real stack of books).

Color Burst Quilt (back)

The binding is more of the red Joel Dewberry Baskets

Color Burst Quilt (binding) 

I was feeling lazy when it came time for the quilting, so I almost copped out and did free motion as usual, but I felt this quilt deserved some straight line quilting to augment the design. I'm so glad my laziness didn't win out this time, lol!

Color Burst Quilt (back detail)

And since it's kinda hard to make out the block design from the first photo, here are some more detail shots  of the front. Each "burst" is made out of 4 blocks, so there are 16 blocks total (finished quilt measures 48" x 48")

Color Burst Quilt (front detail) 

Color Burst Quilt (front detail)


Well done and congratulations! It looks great!

AWESOME!!! I love it, it's so cool! Congratulations, you've made a really great pattern!

I wanted to thank you, I received the clutch from the giveaway on your blog, and it's GORGEOUS! My husband even loved it (he is not afraid to share his opinions on my sewing projects), lol. Let me know when you get the quilt pattern up in your shop, I would love to post about your patterns on my blog :-)

That's a great design! Congratulations!

The quilting is fabulous! Really makes the quilt extraordinary. Love it!

Hooray! It's a gorgeous and happy quilt and you should feel very proud of yourself! How geeky to use bar graphs as inspiration - love it! I also really like the pattern the straight line quilting makes as it intersects in the middle of the quilt.

Oh my goodness, it is divine! Love everything about it! Very original and striking. You rock!

You're a pattern rockstar!

This is gorgeous. I love all the colors, too.

That's a great design! I hope we'll see lots more out of you in the future!!

Congratulations on your first quilt pattern! You must feel so satisfied with this amazing accomplishment. I love your fabric choices as well as the beautiful straight line quilting.

Kaelin, you are such a dynamo, girl! BEAUTIFUL design, and the colours you chose are so bright and happy. Excellent!

Amazing!!! I love how this turned out!!

I love your quilt! It is a great fun design, simple and interesting!

Oh my GOSH!! I love EVERYTHING about this quilt. Fantastic design, create fabrics and gorgeous binding! Great backing too. Well done you! :)
Lucy xx

I love it! It's gorgeous. Another Elf quote for you [modified}, "Congratulations! YOU DID IT! World's coolest quilt". good luck in the competition!

It's beautiful, K! I love the quilting pattern.

Gorgeous pattern! I love the back, too! (Found my way over from the Flickr group!)

That is AWESOME! I love the colors and the pattern and the quilting! Everything!

congratulations! I love it, but I especially love the back (I always do a pieced back, so I <3 that and you used my current fave Kona Ash!)

this would also look so striking in a gradiated monochromatic scheme ...blues or maybe blacks & greys .... it's a wonderful quilt and you're rightfully proud!

Well done!! It looks fabulous!

great pattern! :) so proud... and I really like the quilting too.

Love the quilting on this! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!!!

Just gorgeous, Kaelin! Congratulations!!

Lovely pattern, bold and beautiful!

Oh,love!! Somehow I missed this a few days ago- just saw it and squealed!! It is just amazing! Love everything about it!! You rock again!!

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