August 25, 2011

DWR Quilt Along: Brag & Boast

After surfing around in the Quilt Along Flickr group, I just have to brag on you all! Seriously...I'm not just blowing smoke up your rear here. Not only does your piecing look impeccable, but the fabrics and color combinations ya'll have put together are beautiful and truly inspiring.

Check out this pillow from suleon...the quilting is beautiful and I love the simple femininity. I feel calmer just having stared at this pillow for 5 seconds...I'll have to remember to come look at this every time I get off the New Orleans roads...the drivers are frickin insane down here. I think half of them are drunk, which is entirely possible since we do have drive-thru Daiquiri Shops. Honestly, I'd be more scared if they weren't drunk and still drove that poorly.

2011-08-23 Double Wedding Ring Pillow

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors Mysmichelle is using. Fall is my favorite season, and it really doesn't exist down here in New Orleans. I'm not much of a home-body, but Fall always makes me long for home because I miss the turning of the leaves in the Appalachian mountains. Thanks for giving me a little slice of Kentucky down in the bayou! Anyone wanna continue the streak and send me a bushel of Cortland apples? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Beautimous! Joel Dewberry is a fabric designin' genius, no? Can't wait to see your finished quilt bvselby - it's gonna be a real looker ;) *wolf whistles*

80 arcs completed!

I've never seen a black & white Double Wedding Ring before, but I think the simplicity of the colors will give it a cool flow and make the circular motion of the quilt really stand out. Your quilt is gonna make a real statement JustSewYa'llKnow!

Arcs for DWR Quilt Along

And look at Bertadel go! Her finished top looks fabulous - aren't ya'll excited that you'll have one of your very own soon? I know I am!

Finished DWR Top

Keep up the good work! I'll see you all this weekend for the next installment :)


Lots of beauties in the pool! I love the stitching on the pillow, and the other examples you've shared are inspiring. I really cannot wait to see more of the Heirloom version!

wow, these are all fantastic. Love that quilting on the pillow!

These are so beautiful. I can't wait to see the finishes!

Thank you for sharing my pillow! It was a pleasure to sew with your instructions. There will be a quilt following soon.

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