August 26, 2011

Giveaway Winners!

I woke up this morning in my usual groggy, cave troll-like state...but as soon as the little hamster wheel in my mind started churning at full speed, I realized it was time to draw the winners for the giveaway!!! I lept out of bed, ran to my computer, and got my Random Number Generator on!

Here goes...

 Grab 'n' Go Clutch

Comment #146:

Grab 'n' Go Coin Purse 

Comment #112
"I have a great chocolate pie recipe if you do not find one & I am in the south wink wink**"

Giveaway: Little Apples Charm Pack!

Comment #80
"I follow your blog."

Giveaway: GO! Baby Cutter & 3 Dies

Comment #69:
"Congrats on finishing the pattern! Now where is that quilt pattern?? ;)

Thanks to everyone for participating! I appreciate all the tasty recipes and bag tutorials. I've been slowly sorting through the links, and I can't wait to choose a pattern and get started on my travel bag for the Summit!

P.S. I emailed all but one of the winners earlier this morning...sorry Jeannette...I'm slacking in your case, but you'll be hearing from me soon!


Yay, I am excited, thank you!!!

Congratulations to the lucky winners!

Lucky ladies! Have a great weekend, Kaelin!

Congratulations to the winners and to you! Marvelous giveaway! God bless! :D

congrats winners!!!!!!!!!!

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