August 31, 2011

Help me readers!

I've been wanting to move my blog to a personal domain for a while now, and my husband has been encouraging me to do so. Problem is, I have almost no knowledge when it comes to web design...but I learn quickly and feel it's something I can probably do myself if I put in the time. I've been watching videos on Don't Fear the Internet and they've helped a lot, but I'm looking for something more extensive. Any suggestions on good print materials or sites that would help my cause? Free text editors that rock?

Thanks in advance :)

xoxo Kaelin


I know nothing! However, can I ask why moving your blog to a personal domain is better?!

I don't know of any free editors or web hosters, but blogger can do a good job of making your blog look like a full blown website. First you can buy the Domain name and link it to your blog. That way when people type in your address they come here. Next add some "Page tabs" to the top of the page that list specific info about your site. Your side bars are already great. So, if you want free, I would take advantage of all blogger has to offer. I have seen some pretty cool web sites hosted on blogger.

I use both Blogger with a custom domain name and a self-hosted Wordpress blog with a custom domain (for my other blog, Craft Buds). Overall, I'd suggest finding a free Blogger or Wordpress template that you like, and seeing if you can adapt it with your own graphics. The self-hosted Wordpress site will cost you on average $4-$7 per month, but you can use the free Blogger with a custom domain ( for $10-$12 per year. Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

I'm a software engineer and two of my favourite free text editors are SciTE and Notepad++.

If you want a really good, really beginner book try something from the "For Dummies" series (maybe "Web Design All-in-One For Dummies.") They are good because they don't assume any pre-knowledge. However, it is very basic and you'll probably need to follow it up with something else. The "Missing Manuals" series is very good -- there is one called "Creating a Web Site: The Missing Manual" but it might be more extensive than you need. In general, try to find something published in the last year or two because programming for the web and web design has changed drastically recently.

If you're willing to pay a bit for hosting you can't go wrong with Squarespace. It's almost impossible to have an ugly site there and they offer domain mapping (so that you can have a custom, personal domain.)

I have a personal domain but I just redirect my blogger blog to much easier and then you have the best of both worlds. I used to have a site that wasn't redirected and it was SO MUCH WORK!

I bought a domain a few months ago, and have been sitting on it because I wasn't sure how I wanted to approach it. I am leaning towards just redirecting through blogger, as I am pretty happy with the amount of control blogger allows. Good question, K!

So everyone is speaking to how happy they are with blogger - but I have to say I'm a bit frustrated with some of the formatting control ... does anyone have a good resource for getting more comfortable with blogger??

story of my life girl. I can't make decisions like this right now and my blog name is unfortunately not available as a domain name. Squarespace sounds interesting though.

Since you're already with blogger, you can purchase your domain name right thru Blogger (look at the settings/publishing tab). It's a piece o cake! Blogger will walk you thru it. I believe you pay thru Paypal. All your settings and web design stays the same. You still modify everything thru Blogger - it just transfers it to your chosen name. $10/year. Go for it!

Learning a little html can go a long way...

I bought my domain but keep posting through Blogger ... it suits me fine ...

I use Windows Live Writer to write offline ... I don't know what I'd do without it ...

If you go the whole hog and go for external web hosting, then Kompozer is a really good WYSIWYG editor ... I use it to teach html at skool ...

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