August 10, 2011

I love my man-child hubby :)

Quilting Widow(er) Appreciation Day!

I've finally ironed out all the details for my hubby's "appreciation" present! I knew that I wanted to make him some sort of pillow to use on the living room sofa when he "watches" movies (and by "watches" I mean, puts in a movie and falls asleep within 10 minutes...hehe!), but I recently changed directions. He loves the movie Wolverine and secretly wishes he were a rugged, plaid-wearing lumberjack living in a cabin in the Canadian wilderness, so I was going to make him a pieced moosehead pillow with flannel backing. However, I stumbled across this fabric when I went into my LQS last weekend...

Ray looooooves comics and has no less than 10 superhero tshirts. He's on a Thor kick right now because the movie was pretty awesome, so I was especially stoked about Thor making an appearance on the prints. Aren't they cool? Most of the licensed fabrics I see are cheap and crappy, so when I spotted this on the shelf, I was on it like a monkey on a cupcake! It's nice and thick and has a really good feel to it. I couldn't make up my mind, so I got both and plan on making two different pillowcases using this pattern. I think it'll work out better this way, because I'll be able to switch them out whenever I need to wash one, and the hubs won't have to mope around because he doesn't have one to nap on...he's very sentimental about his sleeping's kind of adorable ;)

Whiskers was mesmerized too, as you can see. His snout was about an inch away from the fabric and he sat there staring at it for a good 2 minutes. I didn't shoo him away like usual, because I wanted to see how long he'd go, lol!

He must be wearing his curious pants tonight, because now he's staring intently at my laptop while I'm typing this. His snout is smudging up the screen and he keeps trying to attack the cursor as I move the mouse around....crazy man dog!

How are you all coming along? I'd love to see photos of your projects! You can post them here if you'd like to share...I think the group might benefit from seeing what others are doing :) In fact, I remember someone telling me they were thinking about making a quillow, and I'd love to see a pattern for that! It's been on my To Do list for over a year now *sigh*

And did you all check out the new quilted version of the event button? I made that block for Samilou in a bee, and she was kind enough to send me photos of the finished product. Love it!


That is very awesome fabric!! Is it flannel? I have a good friend who works on comic books & would love to get some of those for him. (He even makes custom, one-off comic books. If you're ever interested, let me know & I'll put you in touch.)

FYI, rugged, flannel-wearing lumberjacks who live in the Canadian wilderness are not all they are cracked up to be. They are even better.

What a great "guy" fabric! I love to make fun pillow cases. I have a pattern that is similar to the one you posted but the cool part about it is you do the band and piping first and you fold the band around your main fabric (roll it up) so that when you are done you turn it inside out and the seam is inside the band itself. (does that make sense?) Have fun!

sounds like a great plan. Did you see this tutorial for a quillow?

Love the fabric.
My DH goes to sleep in 30 seconds flat.
They must be so tired or the movies are just boring. Lol.

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