August 7, 2011

Match Made in Heaven

One of Ray's cousins recently moved to the area from Colorado, and she is a crafter like me! She makes buttons and jewelry, so a few weeks ago I commissioned some buttons from her and gave her a stack of fabric scraps to draw inspiration from. She's a gal after my own heart, and was immediately drawn to the Joel Dewberry prints I gave her. She made the two gorgeous buttons you see on the bags above.

I popped by to pick them up the other day, and as soon as I saw them, I was immediately inspired to design a new bag for them! I've dubbed the pattern the "Grab 'n' Go Clutch", because I live like a Spartan on the weekends - no makeup, curly hair, no big purses. I love having small bags around that I can throw the essentials in when I'm running out the door on errands (wallet, keys, cell phone), and this bag is perfect for that! It's got a zipper closure at the top, a detachable wristlet strap, and measures exactly 12" x 5". And it seems I've been seeing adorable pleats everywhere lately, so I was inspired to inset a little pleated detail on the front.

My friends and family have been after me to post handmade gifts in my Etsy shop for about two years now, so I've finally gotten some things together. These two pouches are already in my shop, and I'll be posting more over the next few days.

Would you all be interested in me adding the pattern to my shop? Lemme know if you are :)

And here's the pink's my fav!


Pattern? Yes!
Ray's cousin's button? Yes!

Congrats on putting them up in your etsy store! I've gone back and forth about selling a couple things myself... I mostly am dragging my fee though because I can seem to muster the energy to register as a "small business" so that it doesn't end up killing my tax filing next year. Any tips? I know some people don't register their etsy's at all... but here in chicago they'll find anything to fine you for.

Fill that shop up girl, patterns would be great to go with the products!

Ohhhhh, so love these! Just beautimous :)

Those are are so totally adorable! Love the buttons and the detachable wrist strap. Clever girl.

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