August 19, 2011

Pump up the volume, pump up the volume, dance dance


For some reason, my excitement over the new pattern in my Etsy shop + the uber giveaway I'm about to announce, has translated into old Jock Jams songs.They've been running through my head all morning. Especially this one and this one. I can't attempt to explain why my mind works the way it does...seems it's a mystery for the

I put the finishing touches on my Grab 'n' Go Wristlet pattern last night - whoo hoo! I guess I should say patterns instead of pattern, because I modified the existing clutch templates to include an option for a coin purse. So it's now a 2-in-1 pattern...gotta love options!

If you so desire, you can now purchase it from my Etsy SHOP.

A big thanks to my pattern-testers Candice, Angela, Kristie, Karen and especially Kelly - she's the one that suggested I add the smaller coin purse size :)

Onward ho to the giveaway! Behind door #1 are the lovely wristlets pictured above. The coin purse is made with some of my favorite Japanese fabric and measures 7.5" x 5"...

...and the clutch is made with my favorite prints from Aviary 2 and measures 11.5" x 5". 

Behind Door #2 is a charm pack from Aneela Hoey's upcoming line Little Apples (ooh! ahh!), courtesy of my friend Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics.

What's behind Door #3 Monty? Well I'm glad you asked, because I saved the best for last! It's a brand new car AccuQuilt GO! Baby. The winner will receive the machine pictured below, plus 3 dies of their choice (and the corresponding cutting mats).

You can also click on this link to get some free quilt and individual block patterns from AccuQuilt. Coulda used that Double Wedding Ring die about this time last year...except that I would've had to piece it old school instead of the quick and easy paper piecing we're doing now. Everything's a trade-off, ya know?

22 Free Patterns - Download Now

To enter, leave a comment. Simple as that! Oh, and if you're already a loyal follower, go ahead and leave a second comment telling me so. I think it's more than fair to reward my current readers with an extra shot at the prize, don't you? *wink*

If you find my entry rules boring and wanna make things more interesting, you can always leave me a link for a deliciously Southern chocolate pie mouth has been watering for a chocolate pie like the ones being paraded around in the movie The Help. I LOVE ME SOME PIE nom nom nom...*rubs buddha pie belly* P.S. If you ever find yourself wondering what I might be like in real life, here's a small peek into my soul. I have what you might call "spunk" or "chutzpah"...what Millie does with that pie in the book/movie, is 100% something I would do if faced with a foe as evil as Hilly. I laughed til I hurt during that scene.

I'm also in dire need of a cute travel bag tutorial or pattern, so feel free to shower me with links! I'm looking for something to use as my carry-on for the Sewing Summit in October...I'm getting SO excited...and impatient. Patience is not one of my virtues...just ask my husband ;)

This giveaway will close at midnight next Thursday, August 25, and it IS open to all you lovely International peeps...yes, even the GO! Baby. I specifically checked to make sure you all would be included on that because I've got your back ;)

GOOD LUCK!!! I'm so nervous! Waiting to find out who's gonna win the big prize is like trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve *sigh*....patience Kaelin, patience...


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Well FIRST, and its my birthday ;-)Mysmichelle

Great bags....I'm gonna have to head over to Etsy girl. Also what a great giveaway! Count me in!

Of course I'm a follower!! You rock!!

Oh, Hilly so deserved that pie! I would love to win your giveaway. The wristlets are great and I love the fabrics you chose!

Love those cute wristlets Kaelin, great job!! And thanks for the giveaway!

and of course I follow =)

these are super cute!i especially love the blue one :)

I am a faithful follower and love every minute of it!

I'm a follower! Not sure what size travel bag you're wanting, but The Naughty Secretary bag tutorial is a great one and a pretty good size for a carry on.

Your wristlets came out so cute!!!!! Smart girl, that Kelly! :) You can't really lose in this giveaway, so many great prizes. Well, I guess you could lose if you didn't win anything--that better not be me! I know where you live....sort of. ;-)

I follow you like a loyal little puppy! Pick me or I'll pee on you leg--ewww, forget I said that! Pick me in spite of that comment!

Ohmy - I love those color combos on the wristlets - so cute!

your clutches are so cute Kaelin! Congrats on the new pattern!!

I would love to be in the drawing for your the coin purse and of course the charm pack.

let's see.... i love 'the great getaway bag' from the bag making bible by lisa lam. and the best chocolate pie is a chocolate haupia pie - it's hawaiian and the best.... ever. fabulous giveaway!!

bess :)

I would love to win any of the prizes! :)

I don't know a good chocolate pie recipe, but these Salt River Bars are delicious (like, "eat them until you're sick, then still go back for more" delicious):

So cute! I'm glad someone else's brain gives them random songs. I was singing Bird is the word yesterday at work.

I have that same Aviary fabric. It's such a great print! :-) Congrats on finishing up your pattern!

OH - pick me, pick me! I've wanted a GO forever! Love Little Apples & the purses too. Thanks for the chance.

Nice little bags! I could sure put them to use. My but you like cute fabric!

Oh, I think we think alike, and I believe you have called me a nut!!


I began to regret following you when the song got stuck (that happens so much anyway). You were however immediately redeemed by a longing for chocolate!! Must have chocolate...

I read your blog faithfully. Here is my favorite chocolate pie recipe (without any "additives" he he):
Melt 20 marshmellows with 1/2 cup milk in the micro. Add 6 Hershey almond bars. Let cool. Fold in 1 regular carton of cool whip. Pour into graham cracker crust. Sprinkle with shaved almonds. Refrigerate. YUM YUM!

cute bags. and yum, chocolate pie. thanks for the chance.

I'm also a follower -- yippee!

Thanks for sharing.Super cute bags.

I'm a faithfull Google Reader follower of yours and am very grateful to be one as you regularly inspire me.

Wow wee, that's a giveaway and some!

Would I like to win a Go Baby ... you betcha! I'd like the triangle die, hexagon and drunkards path. Please please let it be me :)
wendzneil [at] googlemail [dot] com

Wow Kaelin!! so many good news!! Congrats on yr new first pattern!!! the clutches are lovely, love the fabric combination. xoxo

Already a follower. Don't have a recipe for a chocolate pie but do have this one for a chocolate cake that never hangs around long in our household!

I love a good giveaway with simple rules. No jumping through hoops rocks. Thanks for the chance. :)

I'm a follower. :)

I love, love, love that cute little coin purse...the button just really makes it!

I've been following you for ages, my friend!

I have my fingers and toes crossed, wishing, wishing, hoping! And it's *almost* my birthday, wish, wish, hope....

Of course I'm yr follower! ;)

Yes! I am a loyal follower. Linda x

Please please please let it be me this time that wins this......everything crossed. Linda x

Love all your pretty purses!

Wow, what a great giveaway! My little girl is in love with those pouches, can't wait until your pattern is foe sale!

I'm already a follower! and I'm curious to know more about this southern chocolate thing!!!

Wow, I have been reading your blog for awhile and have loved it. This giveaway is pretty fabulous. Thank you for the chance to win.

Your blog is in google reader account, so of course I follow your blog!

Ooooooh! Those bags are adorable!

Wow - all that in a giveaway - you spoil us!! I can't wait to see the movie of The Help as I loved the book! I'll be checking the comments for any pie recipes because I suspect we have nothing quite like it in the UK. I hope you get recommended a good travel bag pattern too because I'd love to make one too! I have the book: The Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam which has a pattern/instructions for "The Great Get Away Bag" which looks fab in the book.

I have been following you for quite a roll and you are on my blog roll :-)

I love those wristlets! Very cute pattern.

I'm already a follower! I love your blog.

I love the little coin purse. Such great detail!

Very cute! I may have to suspend other projects and make one of these if I don't win.

I don't have a good chocolate pie recipe. The fanciest I get is to put a sugar free box of pudding in a graham cracker crust with whipped cream on top.

The Help was such a great book but it was just hilarious to see Hilly "mmmmmmm"ing over that pie in the movie. I laughed so hard I cried! And Sissy Spacek was amazing as her mother. I'll be looking at your comments to look for some recipes.

Oh, I am LOVING the coin purse- fabulous :)!!! Can't wait to make it too!

And of course, I am a VERY loyal follower! :)

Congrats on finishing the pattern! Now where is that quilt pattern?? ;)

And I follow, of course!

cute patterns - I wish you much success in the pattern business!

In South Carolina, we never ate chocolate pie, but chocolate is my favorite thing. This recipe is sort of like a pie, but I like it better ;)---
Layer 1- 1 c flour, 3 T sugar, 1 stick butter, 1/2 c pecans--Mix until crumbly, press into 9x13 pan, and bake 15 min at 375.
Layer 2- 1 8oz. cream cheese, 1 med. cool whip, 2/3 c powdered sugar- Beat til smooth and spread on crust.
Layer 3- 2 pkgs instant choc pudding, 3 c milk-Mix together and spread on 2nd layer.
Layer 4 (TOP)- 1 med container Cool Whip, chopped pecans - Spread and sprinkle.
Let sit overnight so flavors ooze together- sit and enjoy some good eatin' the next day!! :)

those clutches are adorable! I love the button detail :-)

I, too, am a loyal follower! Wish I had a chocolate recipe for you, but unfortunately I don't - you be sure to let us know the best one you get!

I REALLY liked this pattern when I saw it reviewed- you may have already seen it, but with lots of pockets and pouches, I think it's great!! Just have to get brave enough to try it :)...
Here's the link-
And this one is cute too :)--

nicely done on the pattern...all the testers did such a swell job! i really need to learn to make something other than quilts! great giveaway! of couse the cutter would be sublime!
i liked The Help also...but sorry, no chocolate pie recipes for me...we are currently struggling with how to make everything diabetic friendly around my house at the moment!

I already follow your blog.

Very cute pattern for the little bags. I love the shape of them, unique.
One of your readers is going to be VERY happy next week! Good luck to us all!

congratulations on the clutch pattern - lovely stuff - and thank you for chance to win a go baby!

I'm sorry I don't have any southern choc pie recipes, I tried to think of an English equivalent, but failed!

I don't have a chocolate pie recipe. I've never even HEARD of chocolate pie before this! Anyways, I love eeeeeeverything you're giving away. Awesomesauce!

and i follow you via google reader

I LOVE the wristlet pattern! As soon as I figure out a "reason" to need one, I must make some!

Enter me for everything but the Accuquilt--I already have one! :)

And you can throw in my name for that new car... ;) I'm a follower!

Thanks so much for the giveaway opp! I'll be making a Wedding quilt soon for a family member, fingers crosses!

Believe me, if you tasted my food you wouldn't want a recipe from me. :) What a great give-away. Thanks for the chance.

I sure am a follower. I love your work.

I don't make (or eat! shhhh) pies. *sigh* But I DO love the movie "Pump Up the Volume" and your title to this post just reminded me of it! :o)

And of course I AM a follower! Yay me! :o)

What a great giveaway! Thanks! Hope I win the Go! Baby!

See you at the sewing summit...and I want the Little Apples! I'll find my chocolate pie and sent you the recipe! Yummy!

What a great giveway.Thanks for the chance to win!

Love your blog. I'm a new follow and thinking about the DWR QA too!

The clutch is so cute. I took a stab at my first bag this week, when a friend taught me how to make what I call an origami bag. It's not done yet, but I think I may have to try some more!

I am also a follower of your fun blog.

Great giveaway!

I hope this means you'll be back to regular posting soon...miss your stuff!

I sure hope I'm the lucky winner!! This would be great to have in my toolbox.

I adore your clutch cute!

I have a great chocolate pie recipe if you do not find one & I am in the south wink wink**

I've been following you DWR quiltalong and will one day be doing this, even though your will probably be soft and cuddly by then....lots on the plate.

And here's my entry for the drawing! :) Thanks!

I love the fabrics, they are wonderful. What a great giveaway.

I recently found your blog and became a follower. So glad I did! I love it, also my husband is Scottish so your blog name makes me giggle :) Thanks for the chance to win!

You are hilarious. Great, now I've got that song in my head, too. Thanks! ;) So, I've already said this, but I love your new pouch, and the coin purse is equally adorable. Congrats on your first etsy shop pattern, Kaelin! I hope I win a prize (there are lots of lovelies up for grabs!). I've never made a Southern chocolate pie, so I'm no help there. But I can surely head to NOLA and help you eat it when you make one!

what a great giveaway! i love your new pouch pattern.

Love those little pleats on the pouches! I'd leave you a chocolate pie recipe if I had one! I am a pie eater, but definitely not a pie baker!

And I'm a follower of your blog!

Oh how I'd love to win any of those prizes...thanks!!!!

The wristlets are so awesome! Love the texture added by the pleats.

I googled, and this was the very first recipe that came up. I've never made it, but it has 4.5 (out of 5) stars & the first comments raved. :D

Sorry I've never heard of Southern Chocolate Pie so I can't help you there!
I do like your new purse patterns though. They look great! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

I've been one of your for a while now! :D

This is a wonderful giveaway!! An open to international readers, yeahhhhhhh. I'm in love with this Go. Thank you so much for this chance to win :)

And just to start smiling this weekend here you have a joke :
Here is a joke for you...

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson go on a camping trip, and after finishing their dinner they retire for the night, and go to sleep. Some hours later, Holmes wakes up and nudges his faithful friend. "Watson, look up at the sky and tell me what you see."
"I see millions and millions of stars, Holmes" exclaims Watson.
"And what do you deduce from that?"
Watson ponders for a minute. "Well, astronomically, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, I observe that Saturn is in Leo. Horologically, I deduce that the time is approximately a quarter past three. Meteorologically, I suspect that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. Theologically, I can see that God is all powerful, and that we are a small and insignificant part of the universe. What does it tell you, Holmes?"
"Watson, you idiot!" he exclaims, "Somebody's stolen our tent!"

I'm a follower too.
Congrats on your new patterns they're so cute with those pleats :)

I forgot, but I follow you through google reader!

Cute patterns :) Must feel great to get them in the shop!

And I'm definitely a follower... Currently (slooowly) chipping away at the DWR quiltalong

I LOVE that gray clutch and, of course, I wouldn't say no to a GO Baby. Great giveaway and great prizes all around.

chancyf (at) gmail (d0t) com

that coin purse is oh so cute Kaelin! And does the go! really make life easy? I'd sure like to know!

..and I've been following for a while now. I thought of you yesterday when I saw the cute scotties with scarfs on Spoonflower. Have you seen them?

I've been waiting and I LOVE your new pattern(s)!!

Of course I'm a follower of your great blog!

I love the cute little coin pouch :) Giving away a baby Go! is always exciting!

It looks like fun to play with. I would love to have the 2.5 inch strips, the HST 4 inch and the 5 inch square.

Your post really cracked me up! I'll have to read your blog more frequently -- it's the "nom nom nom" that got me:) I'm afraid I don't know of any chocolate pie recipes, but I don't know how you could go wrong anyway! Thanks for this amazing, packed giveaway!

What a beautiful giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

I already had you in my google reader subscription but also following trough GFC now.

Yay for new patterns!! I never ever ever ever ever win these things, but I'm givin' it another shot! And, I think I'm just as anxious as you for the Summit wooohooo!! Thanks Kaelin! -Michelle

Call me crazy, but I just want the pattern! It looks wonderful!

AND I've been a follower!! :-)

Oh just LOOK at that wristlet in Aviary 2. I made a dress out of those EXACT SAME fabrics! Love the dress and love your wristlet!

And I am a follower. You had me at "New Orleans" haha

Southern Chocolate Pie sounds like it should be rather yummy - when you find the ultimate recipe, let us know x

Yum, chocolate pie! Sweet pies are not popular in Aust. If you get a good recipe, let us know. I saw a good pattern review for a travel bag on Jenni's blog In Color Order - looks a bit big maybe? Thanks for the giveaway!

And I follow you in my google reader. Love the purse in Aviary 2, it's so gorgeous!

Congrats on those cute little wristlets! love them! thanks for the giveaway.

I am a follower too! thank you!~

Love the wristlets! Thanks for the giveaway! I seem to remember someone has a whole series of tutorials/links happening but I'm sorry I can't find it! But I'm sure I'll get another post and then send you the link!

And I am a long-time follower! Does that help???

Ha...I'm not patient either and my husband would also confirm that :)
Thanks for the opportunity!

I signed up to follow, but have been reading your blog since the spring and love it! If this doesn't count I totally understand.

wow - what great give-aways! Thanks for the chance to win!

Woohoo! What an awesome giveaway! :)

(and since I'm a loyal reader) As for traveling pouch/bag things... I loved this one for a fully lined box pouch. you can see my version here:

Now that's how you rock a giveaway! Wow, so generous. I don't have a link to chocolate pie, but I'm going to email you my chocolate silk pie recipe. It's pretty rich.

Have a great weekend!

And of course I'm a follower! Love the pleat detailing on your wristlets.

OMG I would love to win this. You are so generous!!

I am your loyal and faithful follower!!

That scene was SOOO funny.

I also liked when Mama said to daughter something along the lines of:
"I may not remember where I live or my age but I remember 2 things. one: that you put me in a nursing home and two: that you ate......."

haha! Loved it!

I am a follower!

Two recipes from Pots and Pins:

Cute bags! And I'm STILL trying to win one of those elusive Go Babies!!! I guess the Random Number Generator just doesn't want me to win... :)

I am a *cough*new*cough* follower... But I can be loyal!! :)

Oh, please count me in! I'd love a good chocolate pie recipe, too. Mine has to have a whipped cream topping, though, no fluffy egg whites for me! :)

Give Whiskers a scritch or two from me!
Sandy A

I wish I had a recipe to share, but I SUCK at cooking. Like seriously. I made bread recently and it was a miracle that it came out right!!

Thanks for the generous giveaway!!
Finger crossed..

I following your blog for sometimes :)

What a great giveaway!! Count me in!!

I love The Help! Thanks for the giveaway!

I would SEW love to win this Baby! :) Thanks for the chance. :)

Now I have the Pump up the Volume song stuck in my head. I better go listen to some loud music to get it out :-) Love the new wristlet pattern !!

These are so pretty!! I have yet to see the accuquilt up close. I had a baby this year and have been dying to get close to my machine again. It would be so nice to win one of these. Thanks for the chance to win.


There are lots of travel bag ideas here:

Enter me please! :) MOST excited about the clutch and coin purse! They are so beautiful!!

So, this isn't a tutorial but Liesl made a beautiful bag that I think will inspire you if you haven't already seen it:


I'm a follower!


Those wristlets are adorable - great job. And my fav recipe for chocolate pie is: get a Ukrops choc. pie from Martins - there is no better recipe! Wonderful, super give-aways!

As I am a Yankee and have never even TASTED chocolate pie, I have no recipes to share. :( But I did just finish my Amy Butler Weekender bag and I'm using it as a carry on for my trip next weekend. I think it might be too big to store under the seat in front of me, but I can stash it overhead I suppose. If you are up for a challenge, it's a great bag!

I'm a loyal follower! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

Great bags! Thanks for sharing them!

I am a follower er stalker er follower

Here is a recipe for chocolate pie that is from The Help and I think this diaper bag could easily be adapted to make a great carry on Hope these help

Definitely love the coin purse, it's so cute. Really generous giveaways here. Sorry, I can't help with the chocolate pie recipe, off to google to see what it is.

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