September 15, 2011

Anywhere but here!

I love fabric, but I'm starting to feel smothered by the sheer volume of it in my sewing room. It's everywhere - stacked in the storage cubes, piles on top of the cubes, piles on the floor, bins by my sewing machine, bins in my closet...ugh. And then, right after I destashed last week and was feeling good about things, I found another box in our attic FULL of fabric while I was looking for our Fall decorations.

The way I see it, it was up there for 4 months and I didn't miss it for a second, so I'm probably not ever going to miss it.'s what we're gonna do. Half of it I'm going to post on here and whoever wants to buy it can claim it. I'm too lazy to post it on Etsy and take pretty photos, because I wanna get it outta my house ASAP because I'm tired of the clutter!!! The other half, I'm just gonna give away to the first people that respond.

If you want to BUY FABRIC, email me at plaidscottie(at)gmail(dot)com with the email linked to your Paypal account, and I'll send you an invoice. Shipping will be $4.95 for a flat rate envelope.

If you want the FREE FABRIC, leave a comment on this post. First come, first serve...but I would love for the baby quilting fabric to go to someone that makes quilts for Project Linus or Quilts for Kids. Just sayin'



 8 yards of pre-washed County Fair Home Dec fabric by Denyse Schmidt (retail over $100)
$32  SOLD

 4 1/2 yards unwashed Micheal Miller Ellie Stripe (retails $40)
$15 SOLD

 About 4 1/2 yards of pre-washed Drawing Room Home Dec by Anna Maria Horner (retail $60)
(size L to R: 1/2 yd, 15" piece with a small cut out of one corner, 1 yd cut,  36" x 32" piece, 1 1/2 yds)


 2 yards miscellaneous olive green home dec (it's satiny kinda like you'd use for bed pillows)

 2 yards white & aqua Houndstooth apparel fabric

9+ yards Alexander Henry quilting cotton  


Love your blog! I would LOVE some fabric. BTW: I received my KJR basket weave from your de-stash... LOVE IT, I can't get enough! Thanks for sharing :)

I know the feeling of too much fabric!

@Robin - your account was set to No Reply so I couldn't respond directly via email. Which of the free fabrics do you want? One of them? All of them? Lemme know!

I would love the Denyse Schmidt! Country Fair!

If there's still some free, I'd love some of the Alexander Henry quilting cotton (boy or girl, I'm easy!) I'm happy to use some to make a charity quilt.. would be a good incentive to experiment with some different GO! blocks.

I make baby quilts for orphans in foreign countries and for our local pregnancy help center if you have any free fabric left.

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Oops, I'll have to change that. I lead my church in making baby/kids blankets for our Missionaries to take to thrid world countries. I don't want to take it all, I would love a share though :). My e-mail is (be sure you get 2 n's in there)

i would love some of the alexander henry if you have any left - I could use it for a friends baby gift - she doesn't know what she's having though so either is great - i'll pay shipping :)

You're such a strong woman:) but seriously, I think it's great that you want someone to do charity quilts with the AH and I'm sure someone who buys it will. Personally, I have no problem taking in extra fabric I think that's what I'm really here for:)

probably not close to fast enough lol. I still dont have enough to lose any but i can certainly see how easy it is to get to that point.

SewLindaAnn & Lindsay - I still have the houndstooth and home decor fabric if either of you want it!

Free fabric? Yes - I'd love some. I'm a fairly new quilter, and lack fabric and thread. So free sounds wonderful. I've been making charity quilts (fabric courtesy of a friend in Texas), and would love to have some that I feel is really all my own. Thanks!

would like free fabric, but if I'm not one of the lucky ones, that's okay too. :)

God bless and keep you,

If you have the green home dec fabric and the apparel fabric I will take them off your hands.....thanks....

I completely understand the ovewhelmed feeling! When I needed to iron fabric recently, I had to move some piles to my table. Then I realized that after I ironed the fabric, I needed to cut it......on the table that I just covered with piles of fabric! ;)

I am getting there myself so I totally understand. Good for you for just letting it go!

Ooh pretty! I'd love to win the houndstooth if you haven't already given it away.


I wish they'd sold Country Fair over in the UK. Must feel good to be getting organised!

You have too many followers for my liking!! Lol if you find another box, just put my name on it. ;)

Hey, I'm seeing this 11 months later and wondering if you have any of the Denyse Schmidt left. Thanks.

Hey, I'm seeing this 11 months later and wondering if you have any of the Denyse Schmidt left. Thanks.

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