September 20, 2011

Birthday Bag

This week is a week of mom's, my husband's, and my cousin's...which means I've had to put together three handmade birthday presents. No easy feat, considering I'm also frantically trying to finish quilting my DWR in time for the grand finale this weekend.

This bag is for my cousin Michelle, who loves simple bags and soft florals. I used Simplicity pattern 2617 and it was easy to follow, but I'm not entirely happy with the way the bag turned out. Even though the directions clearly said "1/2 inch seams unless otherwise specified", my brain went into default quilting mode and I used 1/4" seams for the piecing on the front (which means my two side pieces got lopped off and you can barely see them). Normally I wouldn't care, but it was the print that pulled all the colors together, so now I feel like the bag has a random purple strip and a random pink strip that don't really go together *sigh*. Normally I'd redo it, but I don't have time. Hopefully she doesn't notice or care :(

The neutral is natural linen, the bag & strap lining is Modern Meadow Handpicked Daisies in Pink, and the exterior prints are Riley Blake Wishing Flowers in Fuchsia, Modern Meadow Dogwood Bloom in Pink, and Central Park Hernshead in Plaza (that's the one that got chopped off, for the most part).

NEWS FLASH: I got to thinking after I posted this yesterday, and I decided to make one more small item to make up for me screwing the pooch on the exterior of the bag. So I threw together a wee matching coin purse. Aren't they cute together? They look like a Mama Purse and Baby Pouch (yes, apparently bags can procreate...who knew? *wink*)


How lovely, she's going to love it!

the linen is a sweet touch! Great job on making 3 handmade gifts!

I think it's lovely anyway, I like the little bits of prints at the edges peeking out.

That's such a pretty bag. My birthday's the end of the month...just sayin'. Ha!

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