September 22, 2011

Button, button, who's got the button?

My cousin Michelle loves animated movies, and after we watched Coraline together a few weeks ago, she made me these precious polymer buttons! You should check out her Etsy shop - she has some really cute stuff in there, and I can vouch for the quality *wink*. If you'd like a custom button(s), or see something you like but want in a different color, try messaging her and I'm sure she'd be willing to work with you :)

This is angelic "Coraline" Sir Whiskers...

And this is "Sherlock" Whiskers. He's no hail-fellow-well-met, but the perfect gentleman on the street...


And check out the sweet little goodies I picked up this week! Stitch Steals was offering all 60+ of these buttons for $9.99...I was on that deal like a monkey on a cupcake. The fabric is from a quilt shop I stumbled across earlier this week while on a work trip - they had almost an entire bolt of the Aviary Lime Woodgrain, and I bought almost all of it! Woot!


What a great find, and those Sir Whiskers buttons are FABULOUS!

I am seeing first time such types of button :)

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