September 10, 2011

Final Wave of Destash

It's been a whirlwind week so far, but I finally found time this afternoon to do one last weed-through of my scraps and fabric. The sickening part is that my scrap bins are still 3/4 of the way full...but at least now I don't have to arm wrestle my storage unit to get them into their slots. And I added some KJR, FMF and Neptune prints, and also some Momo Wonderland pre-cuts that I've been hanging onto for way too long. I keep hoarding these fabrics for years and years, and what's the point? If I'm not going to use them, might as well pass them on to someone that will. I have 2/3 of it already up on Etsy, but I hope to have the rest by tonight. Taking photos, editing them, and getting everything posted always takes way longer than I anticipate.

Oh, and the coupon code PLAIDSCOTTIE10 is still good on anything in my shop.


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