September 13, 2011

Marvel Day

Today has been declared "Marvel Day" in the Telschow household.

My hubby is my best friend, and about the cutest thing ever. He'll probably be mad at me for publicly divulging his boyish habits, but he's not here to censor me right now, and we all know what goes on when that happens *wink*. SO...he has been obsessed with the movie Thor ever since we saw it (twice) in theaters. I half expected him to buy a little tear off calendar marking the days until the Blu Ray release. There was talk of growing his hair out like Thor, internet surfing for Thor halloween costumes, and buying of the Men's Health issue with Chris Hemsworth's workout routine for the movie (the hubs is a personal trainer with a degree in Exercise Physiology, in case I never revealed that before).

And then, when he discovered X-Men first class was coming out on the same day as Thor, his brain nearly exploded. Two nights ago we were sitting on the sofa, and he was next to me surfing around on his new iPad, when all of the sudden he gripped my leg with his hand, gave me a deadly serious deer-in-headlights stare and said "BABE. Thor AND X-Men both come out on Tuesday. WHOA."

Isn't he precious?

Quilting Widow(er) Appreciation Day!

Recognize that fabric in the photo up top? I pulled it out because I'm going to start cutting the fabric for his Quilting Widower Appreciation day present (the aforementioned Marvel pillowcases) in celebration of our new family "holiday". What have you all decided to make? I'd love to see pictures if you wouldn't mind adding them to the Flickr group. Also, I realized there was a problem with the link for the button on my sidebar a while back, and I fixed it right away, but forgot to tell you all to re-copy the new code. Oops! Sorry 'bout that *sheepish grin*

Now to go hide the bedsheets in case he gets any ideas about attempting flight...


Oh my goodness! I LOVE it!! We gotta have ya'll over sometime for dinner :) You make me smile!! To bad we live so far apart! I think the new holiday is a fabulous idea and can hardly wait to see the finished product :)

I was also obsessed with Thor, but probably for different reasons than your husband. ;) There is a tire and a hammer at our gym that I try to get my husband to work out with like Chris Hemsworth. And I didn't realize how soon appreciate day is. MUST GET TO WORK!!

oh man that widower day is coming up soon! I need to get cracking! I plan on making a quilted Chicago flag pillow for my husband (since I yell at him for roughhousing with my swap pillows!). It shouldn't take long once I acquire the right fabrics though. I"m going to go with the same idea as the Chicago part of your DQS label. Gotta get working on it!!

You are so darn funny. If your husband has abs that are even remotely Thor-like then honey, you = lucky. Va voom.

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