September 1, 2011

Revisions & Reminders

New Apron Layout

Remember the Apple Core Apron tutorial I posted about the other day? Well I agreed with your comments that the one print was too dark, so I removed it and reworked things a bit. As much as I love the peacocky blue with the prints, I felt it was a little much and overwhelmed the prints. So after working with my "design consultant" (aka my hubby) last night for about an hour, I finally came up with this. Ray's the one that suggested the linen....he likes when I pair linen with things - how cute is that? I think maybe this quilt is what won him over *wink*

And speaking of linen, don't forget to pop by Kristie's blog today! My tutorial for the Quilted Hexie Pouch went up this morning!

Quilted Hexie Pouch


Much better!

Do you order your linen online? Is it quilting linen? I haven't been able to find any locally.

good suggestion by the hubby! it definitely helps the prints shine!

I love your apple cores! and the pouch. Thank you for such a cute tutorial!

looks much more appealing to the eye. good tutorial too

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