September 2, 2011

Scottie Watch

Scottie Watch

I know you've been missing that cheesy, bearded mug up there! (Ray shakes his head and gives me that "you're completely ridiculous" look whenever he catches a glimpse of that photo) The DWR Quilt Along has been occupying most of my Fridays lately, so it's been a while since Sir Whiskers has made an appearance with his sleuthy internet finds ;)

Let's see what he's managed to rustle up this week...

1.  Are you all familiar with Stitch Steals? Each day they email you with a new "deal of the day"...usually anywhere between 30% and 50% off the retail price. They've had some particularly adorable fabric up for grabs this week (the Riley Blake "Farm Fresh" bundles have been calling my name...) Their deals include practically anything sewing related...including thread, notions, books, fabric, and so on. You can sign up for email alerts if you click on the button along the right-hand edge of the site.

2. I've stumbled across an unusual number of adorable free tutorials lately:
  • Pleated Fabric Flowers
  • Awesomely detailed purse frame tutorial
  • An iPad case. Too bad the iPad I just bought is my husband's birthday present...which means I can't swipe it from him ;)
  • Reversible hobo bag
  • Scrappy wallets here and here
3. Cathy over at Wondrous Woven Fabrics has some really good deals going on in her Sale section. We're talking $4.99/yard for all Parisville, Greenfield Hill, Sherbet Pips and Soul Blossoms prints, and $7.98/yard for Loulouthi.

4.  If you're looking to teach sewing lessons, or to learn a new skill besides quilting (like garment making), you can go to  It's a pretty cool site - you search by interest, then by location, and it will populate a list of crafters in your area that teach lessons (and their pricing). You can also post your own services on the website for free - go get 'em tiger!


Thanks for sharing Stitch Steals....I just ordered a Sew Cherry Jelly Roll!

Great links. And the pup picture always makes me smile, cheesy or not!

great finds. i say make the ipod case then tell hubby it needs to be fille.d lol as awlays love the pup shot

Thanks for sharing the links! Have a great weekend!

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