September 25, 2011


Quilting Widow(er) Appreciation Day!

1)  How did everyone's gift presentations go for the Quilting Widow(er) Appreciation Day this past Saturday (the 24th?). My hubby loved his new quilted Marvel much so that I didn't get a chance to take pretty staged pictures of it before it was in use (see below)

Aren't my sleeping boys precious? I'm gonna get an earful about this picture later. He caught me trying to take a photo once before this (I thought he was asleep, but he was still partially conscious), and I got a groggy verbal warning, LOL! I pounced again 30 minutes later once the snoring started. Snoring = definite sleep.

2) I hope to have the last post for the DWR Quilt Along ready by the end of this week. Not that I don't love you all, but we had 3 family birthdays last week, and some things are just more important than quilting :) Thanks for being so patient with me this summer. I've had a lot of unexpected speed bumps in my personal and professional life, and it's been a real challenge to keep the Quilt Along going. I have my DWR quilted, so all I need to do is bind that beast, snap a few photos, and the post will be ready!

3) I'm sick of owning too much stuff. And that means another DESTASH. Between myself, my family and my friends, we've participated in FIVE moves this summer, and there's nothing like moving to make you realize how much stuff Americans own. Ever since we moved in April, I've just been feeling sick about the amount of fabric I have. I've been destashing a few things here and there the past couple weeks, but I really needed to get control of myself and do a major overhaul. I finished the first wave tonight, and hope to do a second one this weekend. I love fabric, and there's nothing wrong with buying it, but you know there's a major problem when you can't even remember what you own. Recently, I can't tell you how many times I've bought fabric online/in a LQS/swapped on Flickr, only to find out I already have a cut of that exact print in my stash. That's bad.

It's been weighing on my conscience, and then I read this post, and it's so true - you can't take it with you, so what's the point of my ridiculous hoarding? And that's what it is - hoarding - really! I know we all joke about hoarding fabric - but I honestly do! I keep fabrics for years because I'm terrified to use it...or if I do actually cut into it, I feel this compulsion to buy more to replace it in case I ever need it again. I'm crazy, what can I say?

I already own enough fabric to last me a lifetime of I'm killing two birds with one stone. I get rid of my guilt and clutter, and you lovely readers gain some really nice fabric for a steal. I've listed some yardage of Ann Kelle and Laurie Wisbrun prints for $6/each, and also some FQ bundles for $5 to $6 each. I will refund any shipping overages, and as always, readers can use the coupon code PLAIDSCOTTIE10 in my shop for 10% off.

(The coupon is always active, so you can use it any time you buy anything in my shop - not just when I announce new fabric/patterns/goods on here :) ).


you know... I didn't make it past the planning stages for my widower project.... Maybe after the summit I will work on it. It's hard to be sneaky when my sewing room is the dining room! :)

I didn't get past planning my widower project either, BUT I did have a baby between then and now, so I think I get a little extra time to make it happen :) I'm finally back to sewing regularly so maybe I'll get it done soon!

Didn't get to my widower project as I had hoped (life!) but love the picture of Ray enjoying his :)
Thanks so much for your encouragement this week, things are getting a bit better day by day.

Am feeling the same about hoarding fabric so I am resisting like crazy from buying up all of your KJR ;)

That Marvel pillowcase is fantastic! :)

New Years Resolutions are just around the corner :) You could resolve to see how many quilts you can make from JUST what fabric you already have.. creative quilt creations :)

No joke. There is nothing like moving to make you concious of (and nauseated by) the amount of stuff you have. We just helped friends move yesterday, and it seemed like every other sentence from them was "omg, how do we have this much stuff?!" and I thought to myself, "I don't want to be like this the next time we move!"

Reading your post today (and the post you linked to), I'm feeling a little better about our situation, and a lot more motivated to get serious about the boxes tucked into closets and the things we're keeping out of some sense of obligation (or guilt). Anyway, best of luck with your destashing/unhoarding efforts! It's a challenge, but I'm sure it will be worth it.

I'm with you! I have a pile of items I need to list on Etsy to sell and am holding firm on planning projects to use what I have on hand. Being on a strict budget (only with that small Neptune detour!) and the man being very minimalist and anti-stuff has motivated me to re-evaluate what I have and begin to use and pare down. I'm hoping to have my fabric whittled down to just my 2 plastic drawer units (a 4 drawer and a 3 drawer)by the end of the year. Either through use or selling. The amount of stuff I have in a small one bedroom apartment has started to become suffocating :(

I totally agree with the whole thing about moving and realizing that you have way too much stuff.

As for fabric, I only buy what I *really* like, so I have figured out a "happy medium." Make things for charity!

There are SO many good causes, and not all of them have to be quilts! Ditty bags and Christmas stockings for soldiers, placemats for Meals on Wheels, premie blankets, etc.

This way, I get to buy fabric without feeling guilty!

The pillowcase is great, and that picture is downright adorable! Yes, you will probably pay for that when he finds out. ;)
I'm trying to be better about fabric buying, but yeah, I've been pretty bad this year. No new yarn, though, so that's something!

Have I mentioned I love the new look of your blog! Don't be hard on yourself about life coming before quilting I know I've had that happen enough lately. Good work on the destash I'll have to check out the shop.

CRAP! I missed the Circa 50! If you find any more, let me know! :)

I have ideas of what I want to make for my boyfriend, but I haven't settled on anything. Party because I don't want to make him something he won't really love. Both of us do not like clutter and for myself, after growing up with parents that were (and still are) hoarders, I really detest it. My philosophy on things is that I only own what I use (or with books, that I will either read again or reference to) and are things I truely love. That meant getting rid of many things I was given as gifts or things from my childhood. I keep most photos and definately have the memories.

I didnt make something this year. But I made my Hubby a Batman quilt last year:

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