September 3, 2011


This is what New Orleans looks like right now. It's a real party, lemme tell ya. Ray woke me up at 6:30 this morning because we had 6 inches of rain in the side yard and we needed to haul all our stuff out of the attached laundry room. The house is elevated about a foot off the ground, so as long at the big drainage ditch across the street doesn't overflow, we should be okay. The rain has tapered off a little, but we're supposed to get slammed again with more heavy rains tomorrow. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

On a funnier note, walking the dogs this morning was interesting. I had to carry them out one at a time to a small hump of grass in the yard that was sticking out above the water. I've dubbed it "puppy pee island". Fortunately, my dogs were clever enough to go as soon as I set them on their island, rather than doing their usual "inspiration sniffs" for 10 minutes. None of us wanted to stay out in that mess for long! (but we did have to endure the crazed wet dog "run 'n' roll around the house to get dry" for the next 10 minutes *wink*)


"Insipration sniffs"- just a great way to describe how dogs look fo the right place to wee! Love it :)

Stay dry, girl! We're keeping NOLA in our prayers right now....

we are off to the east of ya in Panama City, they say we are suppose to get torrential downpours starting later today and into Tuesday........we will see. this town starts flooding with just a little rain storm, that is why I drive a big ol truck! I hope everything works out for you over there in N.O. I know it is still in devastation since Katrina.

I hope the rain stops soon Kaelin! Stay safe!

Already prayed, and will keep it up until we hear from you again.


Thinking about you, Kaelin -- and all of New Orleans. Be safe.

Keeping you in our prayers. I lived in NO for awhile back in 1994 & loved it. Do you know Val? She lives down in your neck of the woods.

Yikes is right!! Don't think NO needs any more disasters....

Oh gosh! Try and stay as dry as possible! You're in our prayers.

I'm in Lafayette, and thankfully the ground has soaked up A LOT, so far not too much standing water, but I know it will get worse! I hope you fair well in the storm!

Thinking of you, Kaelin, from across the pond. Praying you and yours stay safe and sound. Hugs, Sandy.

I'm not gonna lie...I don't miss that part about living in New Orleans. Stay dry girl! and figure out what fabric you will need to grab if you get flooded. ;)

Hope you stay safe and dry. I will keep you in prayer.

God bless and keep you,

Thinking dry thoughts for New Orleans! My dog does that crazy dry-off routine, too. She snorts and rubs on everything!

best wishes for you and your city!
Greetings from Silke

Oh dear! Thinking about you. That satellite image is nasty!
My dog does the same crazed run around. The kids laugh while they count the laps around the coffee table.

I hope you guys made it through okay. I know New Orleans got about 20 inches (or more) after it was all said and done. Be safe, K!

"Inspiration sniff"! LOL I always called it 'reading the pee-mail' myself. :D

Hope you're still high & dry in the house.

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