October 25, 2011

Back to the Future

There's a hole-in-the-wall quilt shop in Gulfport I like to visit whenever I can, because it's like hopping in a time machine. Most of their fabric is $5.99 to $6.99 a yard instead of $10 or $11. It's awesome.

Ray and I drove over on Saturday to visit his aunt and uncle while they were staying at their beachfront condo, so I made sure we left early enough for me to make it to the shop before closing time. I picked up several yards, and didn't pay over $7 for any of the prints - oh yeah! oh yeah! *does Elaine from Seinfeld dance*  I even found a couple that were on sale for $3.99!

New Fabric! 

New Fabric!

As per my new fabric-buying policy, here are my outgoing fabrics. I posted them in my Etsy shop earlier today. As always, you can use the coupon code for 10% off - PLAIDSCOTTIE10


I need a store like that! Well...I guess I don't really NEED one, but, you know.....

Love your in/out policy! Good for you :)

Way to stick to the in/out rule! And sheesh, I'd love such a hole in the wall shop. It's so hard to find nice fabric even semi-locally.

What a great find, we have a shop here that sells fabric by weight. They don't normally carry quilting weight cotton, as it is not popular here in Latvia, but a few days ago I found several lengths of named cottons (including some of the current 1001 peeps collection!!) in the fabric bins so how could I resist? I ended up with 18 metres of fabric and paid the equivalent of just under $4 a metre. I have been smiling ever since. Unfortunately I don't have your willpower so my stash has just grown substantially!

oh awesome, what a great store. I wish i could find a little shop like that! And good for you sticking to your in/out policy. I need to enact something like that.

I helped you out a bit. You're WELCOME. ;)

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