October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I love New Orleans because almost everyone dresses up for Halloween...on the street, in the workplace, and everywhere in between. We have an elaborate costume contest at work every year, and the company pays for catering so our entire office of 70+ people gets to hang out in the break room in our crazy outfits. There's an Individual and Group costume category, and they sweeten the pot with cash prizes for the winners.

My good friend Sherie and I are practically joined at the hip - our coworkers tease us because our personalities are so similar and we're always together - where you see one, you usually see the other. Last year I actually went as Sherie for Halloween - I wore a nametag with her name written on it, and told people "I'm Sherie today. I'm going to talk a lot and not get any work done." (she's actually a really hard worker - I just like to mess with her) So all things considered, we felt it was only appropriate to dress as a pair this year, and we went with Salt & Pepper because it's funny on a number of levels, lol (Sherie's always making fun of my pale legs).

I made our costumes out of some 72" wide felt and elastic (for the shoulder straps). We both wore black leggings, a tshirt to match our "shaker dress", and some chef hats I put together using this tutorial (I narrowed the band to 2") You can't really see, but I spray basted some black felt circles on the top of the hats as our shaker holes.

Oh, and the best part? We made our grand entrance before the entire office and panel of judges to the Salt & Peppa song "Push It"? Sherie might have done the hand-behind-the-head-hip-swirl move, and I may or may not have done a slow-mo sliding entrance followed up by the Running Man.

You gotta have some fun in this life, ya know?


Love the costumes, sounds like you had a fun day!

I wish I could've seen that entrance. Nicely done, Salt 'n Pepa!!

This is so cute, I'm glad you had so much fun. Did you win any prizes?

LOL! I love it! Awesome costumes. May have to steal this idea for next year :) Our office all dressed up this year and it was a blast. My kids are mental right now, just finally set them loose on the public with Daddy to go load up on treats. They are crazy enough without sugar, so the next few days should be interesting ;)

Normally Halloween is pretty sedate around here for adults, but one year I was in Memphis for Halloween...theyz crazy!! I am thinking that they might be in the same league as what I imagine goes on in NA. Good fun!

Ok, you HAVE to tell me that you guys WON!!!! Or I will say that it was rigged :) This is the best!! Too fun, and I would have loved to have been there for the dance intros :) hehe!! Happy day!

Very nice Kaelin! I would pay money to have seen that entrance!

So cute! I have twin boys who are 21 months old and they were salt and pepper shakers for Halloween too! All night I kept thinking of the Salt and Peppa song as they were running around.

That sounds like a lot of fun!
I helped my friend make her costume for work this year - very simple. A GIANT orange tshirt that we appliqued the pi sign on - small on the front & big on the back - and she went as a Pumpkin Pie. :D

Awesome costumes!! You are just too funny too.

Dude, hilarious. Love it! Salt and Pepa's here!

I will send you a box of fabric if you will post a video re-take of that entry dance......

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