October 19, 2011


I received the prizes I won from Celebrate Color this weekend, and I'm super stoked!!! I used my gift card from Whipstitch to pick up some fabric for Christmas presents...

Don't you just love Rashida's I Heart line?

And when I received my 4 patterns, I noticed they came directly from the Dewberry familia. How awesome is that? He's one of my favorite designers, so I'll admit I'm a little bit of a starstruck nerd, lol!

And just to admit that I do crazy things for the sake of my blog sometimes, I'll tell you a little story. You see that reddish stain by his name? Well when I got the envelope I was all like, "This is so awesome! I've gotta save this and take a picture to show my readers!". But then an hour later when I was tearing through the house on a cleaning rampage, I tossed it in the trash right on top of a glob of marinara sauce. Five seconds later I realized what I'd done, and yanked it out. So yes, I went dumpster diving and cleaned trash-can-marinara off of an envelope for the sake of my blog, LOL!

P.S. As I was flipping through that copy of Stitch you see above, I realized my good friend Michelle has been holding out on me!!! I saw this really awesome felt table runner and paused to read more details, and lo and behold - there's Michelle's friggin name right there! In Stitch! She's a rock star! (and a much better secret keeper than I am, because in my excitement I definitely would have told some of my friends on the sly at the Summit, lol!)

As much as I love Stitch (it's my favorite crafty mag), I'm always a bit hesitant about the $14.99 price tag. But I can say this issue is definitely worth it! There are some really nice patterns in here, and Ayumi submitted an insanely cute (as always) sewing machine cover.


Oh, sure. Marinara sauce. Good one. I'll bet it was a big ole smacker you put on the envelope when you saw who sent it :-D

Ah yes, the things we do for blogging. My hubs often wonders why we're outside sweating in 95 degrees taking pics of bags and quilts. I'm like, my online friends will want to see! Duh!

Lucky you! Are you going to frame the envelope from Joel? I think I would be tempted!

Great haul! And congrats on the Celebrate Color win :) Loved that bag even more in person!

Awesome prizes! And your marinara story cracked me right up. That is dedication to your craft. ;)

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