October 6, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Table Runner

Remember these blocks? Well now they've turned been into this:

I've had this idea in my brain since last Fall (linen background and all), but after I caught a glimpse of Aneela's adorable (and almost identical) runner, I almost didn't go through with it because I didn't want to seem like a big fat ripoff!

...but eventually, after a lot of debating, I decided to finish the pattern because I know I didn't copy anything, and I wanted to share a fun fall project with you guys!

Also, I designed the back so that you can reverse the runner if you so choose (always convenient when there's a food stain, lol!)

Click here for the downloadable PDF. You're welcome to use it for your home or for sale in SMALL quantities, but please don't mass produce this for profit. Thanks :)


Very, very nice. I'm into everything "fallish" this year. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

yay! that's cute. it makes me want to head to my sewing room right now.

Thank you for the PDF! this is an adorable table runner. I'm into log-cabin blocks it seems.hah.a.ha.a.

So cute! Thanks for posting a pattern, Kaelin!

Adorable! Thanks for posting the pattern!

That is really cute! Great tute...thanks!

This is so absolutely awesome!!!!!!! Fabulous job!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern too!

It's so cute, K! Happy little pumpkins.

It's totally adorable, and different from Aneela's. It's a tough biz, trying to be 100% 'original'. I think we can safely say in quilting that most things have been done before by someone, somewhere. Not everyone takes the time to put a lovely tutorial together for us, though. Thanks! After I saw Aneela's post I went straight to my machine and made 3 wonky pumpkin blocks for my guild's Hallowe'en block raffle later this month - pumpkins are pretty irresistible in any form!

I love, love, love orange, so this is a good project for me. Nicely done.

Oh my freakin cuteness- I may just have to make a table runner :)

I may have to make this up sometime before fall is over. I can see it being in different colors too, like greens or yellows.

Wow! This rocks. I love it to pieces! Thank you for sharing!

I just made two after seeing yours. I didn't need the pattern, I just joined scraps and made them snowball blocks. Easy! I didn't use linen either, but some el cheapo cream muslin from Joanns that I bought once for who knows why:) Thanks for the inspiration. I am calling mine "Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate" in honor of my preschoolers loving that song:)

Thank you for the great tutorial! FYI --I tried downloading the PDF but Scribd says you must be a paying, premium member to download it :/

I just made the top, and I love it. It's the best thing I've made all year. Thank you for sharing and taking the time to post.

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