October 4, 2011

Puppies for Sale


I had a very interesting morning...(and I wonder why I've been getting more migraines than usual lately, lol!)

So. The hubs and I have been getting up at 5:30 a.m. the past few weeks to exercise before work. Ray let the dogs out in the backyard, and I was in the house getting dressed. And then: total chaos. Both dogs got loose, and took off running (in opposite directions) in the pitch black morning hours. Ray starts yelling for me to help, but I don't even have any pants on.

By the time I get dressed and run outside to round up the hogs, Ray's walking back with each dog by the collar....and Whiskers was FILTHY....and looking 100% pleased with himself. He had run down to the disgusting drainage ditch at the end of the street, and jumped into the stagnant water - full of God knows what. Scratch the morning workout. I told Ray to go on to the gym because I'd have to stay and sort things out, and then I gave Whiskers the silent "business face" and finger point (the one that silently says you can wipe that smile off your face mister and drop the tail wag while you're at it!!!). I put Rimshot in the kennel while I hosed Whiskers (who was still looking mighty pleased with himself) down in the utility sink.

I finish with Whiskers, rub him down with a towel, and unleash him to do the "mad wet dog" run. Once he finally calmed down and quit trying to dry off on our sofa, I let Rimshot out. And that's when all hell broke loose. She takes 5 steps out of the kennel, and throws up the worst thing I could imagine all over the floor. I won't go into detail, but she had eaten something in the backyard that morning that should never be eaten. So I clean up that mess (dry-heaving the entire time), and toss Rimshot back in the kennel, where she proceeds to throw up MORE of the Breakfast-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named in the kennel. Grab Rimshot, throw her in bathroom, scrub out unholy mess in the kennel, grab Rimshot again, toss her back in kennel, latch it and throw away the key.

So how was your morning? Hopefully better than mine.

Is it Thursday yet?

P.S. I listed a few more fun goodies in the Etsy shop and updated the crappy photos from "Migraine Bat Cave Day", so feel free to continue helping me unload some of my fabric hoard :). Coupon code still PLAIDSCOTTIE10.


That sounds awful. Hopefully your day shapes up as it continues :) I can't wait for Thursday either :)

Not the best way to start your day. I hope the rest of your day goes better.

Oh I shouldn't laugh but I promise I am laughing out of sheer sympathy as a two-dog mum myself, with similar experiences. Hang in there - it's got to get better from here!

ROFL been there seen it and done it, that's the joys of having a JRT!! Linda

wow you only had one day of that, and only one instance so far...........to make you feel better.......I have 4 Labradors, that I would have 4-5 sessions a day like that when they would escape, they did it for 18 days straight!!!! All the while I was nursing my husband back and forth to doctors to find out why he was almost dead. Finally got up an electric fence the day before my husband had colon cancer surgery to remove 18 inches of his colon and a huge tumor. So.....be glad you only have 2 dogs and only one morning filled with it. You will laugh about it later, we still do!! :D

I'm reallllly sorry you had a morning like that, but I can't help laughing because I have been there, done that, and got the (stained) t-shirt to prove it. Thought I was the only one. You deserve tea (or coffee) and chocolate...lots of chocolate.

Ugh, that's wretched! All I can say is, maybe the SLC break will do you some good. ;)

only to you Kaelin! Only to you would this happen. I can picture the whole thing, complete with your face to Whiskers...naughty puppies!

I am dying laughing here! Sorry but it is so funny what the rascals put us thru sometimes....they have to make it worth their while when they get loose you know ;-) funny I actually thought you had some puppies for sale for real ;-)

Ok, I hate to admit how hard I laughed, but please know I only laughed because it sounds so darn familiar!!! One of our dogs used to eat that same breakfast, and puke, which somehow smells so much worse than I ever thought possible, AND he always used to do it on the few mornings that my husband would be gone already!! I used to get even with my husband for missing such fun by sending him picture messages- made him almost not like his iPhone! Hope your week gets better really soon!!!

OH MY!! what a hectic morning!

Are your dogs related to mine? My two decided it would be fun to play tug of war with a dead skunk the other morning - and when I screamed at them to ask why they were playing with a dead skunk, they looked at me as if to say, "well, it wasn't dead when we started!"

Wow. Just....wow. I am guessing your day could only get better after that....

Oh my. That might be worse than any morning with two toddlers. You are a momma that deserves a weekend off!!!! Lucky you've got one all planned. Woohoo! The 4-legged terrors are all yours, Ray.

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